UNBOXING Items I Bought From "Buying Every Advertisement!" (PART 1)



  • lukemanicon
    lukemanicon an hour ago

    7:18 Ever heard of FPS shift?
    Ok, so your video is on YT at 30fps. If the massage device moved at 25Hz. (That’s 25 movements per second), you‘d probably see the movement very good cause it doesn’t match your framerate. If it moved at exactly 30Hz you wouldn’t see any movement at all cause the FPS and the Hz are the exact same, so your massage device moves every thirtieth part of a second and your camera takes a pic every thirtieth part of a second. That is the same position of the head in every pic, so no movement.
    If your massage device now moved at 31Hz it‘d move a bit further in every pic, you’ll have just a small amount of movement in your film.
    That’s btw also the reason why car wheels in films sometimes seem to spin backwards...

  • d wall
    d wall yesterday

    catnip equivelent on the acorn :think:?

  • Ian Paxton
    Ian Paxton yesterday

    Charlie is cute and looked very happy with his new toy hopefully it lasted for awhile.

  • Aaron Villanueva
    Aaron Villanueva 2 days ago

    U bought a Vibrator?

  • duck boi
    duck boi 2 days ago

    7:59 wouldn't that make you sweat even more

  • CrazyDiamond
    CrazyDiamond 2 days ago

    I want that lock now

  • Kodie Shepherd
    Kodie Shepherd 2 days ago

    I want that lock so bad

  • theprimegamer
    theprimegamer 2 days ago

    7:18 that's because it matched the shudder speed on your camera

  • Seppstone
    Seppstone 3 days ago

    you could massage your dog XD

  • Quert
    Quert 4 days ago+1

    6:06 He's going 'Nuts' for this thing, (unintended joke)

  • Marinus Sommeling
    Marinus Sommeling 4 days ago

    Please make a video: spending 200 euro at dog toys... if you did... contact me. I will sub you so hard the world will explode. Your dog is the best.

  • Conal Martin
    Conal Martin 4 days ago

    Blankets he bought???????????

  • AYTA1010
    AYTA1010 4 days ago+1

    Twinned Peet 😂😂😂

  • james reynolds
    james reynolds 4 days ago

    I play iicehockey 5/7 days a week and never get sore....

  • kittyandy123
    kittyandy123 4 days ago

    10:56 "Personally wouldn't pay $100 for a lock."
    *Paid $100 bucks for a lock*

  • Aidan L
    Aidan L 4 days ago

    Who else comes here more for Charlie than anything else?

  • Nootella
    Nootella 4 days ago

    Hey man keep up the good work👍👍👍

  • Techno X
    Techno X 5 days ago+2

    6:56 problem solved. Playback speed
    X 2

  • ThatOneGuyFTW
    ThatOneGuyFTW 5 days ago

    If FaZe Jev was a Canadian

  • Mr.MacBook
    Mr.MacBook 5 days ago

    Well I got a smart lock that unlocks with my phone from Walmart for $14 hmmm let’s see what’s wrong here