Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad's Joker ACTUALLY Batman's Boy Wonder?

  • Published on:  6/1/2017
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    With Wonder Woman coming out in theaters this week, I felt it was time to take a look back at some of DC's other movies from the past few years. Specifically, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Back before Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman hit theaters, there was a theory kicking around that Jared Leto's Joker was secretly Batman's sidekick, Robin. But the Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, seemed to dismiss this saying that Jason Todd, former Robin #2 was NOT the Joker. However, the proof we cover today shows that Suicide Squad's Joker can still be Robin...just not the Robin that everyone thought.

    If you think you've heard this Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad theory before, you ain't seen NOTHING yet!

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  • D Rose (Oct 16, 2018)

    New theory and hear me out: Bruce Wayne is Batman

  • Lonely Bread (1 day ago)

    Is he Bruce Wayne?*No, he's Patrick*

  • Prophet (1 day ago)

    I don’t know about that one chief...

  • DavidzToyz (Oct 6, 2018)

    Sad that the Theories are ALWAYS better than the actual story.

  • Snarp 1 (1 day ago)

    Watch gotham its a remake show on Netflix of a great prequeal and makes up the series

  • I'm batman (5 days ago)

    +Llama Productions it's cause theories sound so badass compared to real thing I

  • 《 FlowerBoi 》 (Oct 12, 2018)

    Everybody asks who is the joker, but not how is the joker 😭

  • *wE iS ThE jOkeR*

  • PrincessByJesus1 (Mar 4, 2019)


  • Brian Thomas (Dec 22, 2018)

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  • Jc anims (Feb 28, 2019)

    I actually pressed read more LMAO

  • Sunflqwer girl ✨🌻 (Feb 18, 2019)

    18. make a list on how to get top comment ;)

  • murki (Jun 2, 2017)

    *This Theory is better than the actual movie*

  • deep fried fish (Oct 7, 2018)


  • Fang The Alpha Wolf (Jun 2, 2017)

    Mon- Kong z the movie is better

  • MacGamer Media (Jan 10, 2019)

    Btw, the Joker isn’t psychotic at all. He’s supersane. He’s more sane than anyone in the comics. He’s a 4th Wall Breaker. Think about it. No one has ever diagnosed him as psychotic or insane. He has a condition beyond any condition humans have seen before. He’s turned sane many times before through events that would make anyone else insane. The Lazarus pit turns anyone insane. When Joker falls into it, he becomes sane. So if he were a level higher than sane it would make sense. supersane - sane = sane....

  • Mason Nelson (6 days ago)

    MacGamer Media shut up loser

  • Sailor MoonStone (Feb 21, 2019)


  • Johnny Two Hands (Oct 7, 2018)

    Jared leto being 46 years old in real life is unreal. He seriously looks like hes in his early 30's.

  • silver smoke (Nov 4, 2018)

    Still a bad idea

  • Philip Yimer (Jan 1, 2019)

    Who else got triggered every time he said “3 robins”

  • a ashe main or god (3 days ago)

    Super *girl*

  • Joseph Cirrincone (6 days ago)


  • KRAK BOOM (Sep 26, 2018)

    *Mr. J* = J for Jason or Joker???

  • Edscratch23469 (4 days ago)

    J = Jeff Foxworthy

  • Vinsen Go (Jun 2, 2017)


  • Kly (5 days ago)

    No he is Ben Affleck

  • war hawk (Mar 1, 2019)

    No clark kent is 'THE BATMAN'