Hitting in the NFL | The Old NFL vs. the New NFL

  • Published on:  3/24/2016
  • Due to the concussion lawsuits, these past 10 years have seen fans watching an increasingly lower amount of big hits in the NFL. People are attacking the sport of football. People who don't actually give a damn about the sport or care for the integrity of the game say its to dangerous to play. Football was intended to be violent. As were sports like boxing and hockey. People who box get punched in the face repeatedly. People who surf 50 ft waves die doing so. Its a risk these people are willing to take. They are willing to take this risk because they love what they do, its an adrenalin rush like no other, these people cant get enough of it. They are willing to take the risks. Well football is the same way. Its a risk the current players simply need to take. People need to realize that a receiver running a seam route over the middle of the field is supposed to get hit, its supposed to hurt. It is literally a Safeties job to hit a receiver who is running a route into his zone. He is supposed to hit him so he doesn't catch the ball. The refs throw flags now if a hit just looks hard. The men that play this game are the biggest fastest strongest athletes in the world. People who say all the players have to do is change their hitting techniques and that will solve the problem are wrong. The game moves so fast it is literally impossible to avoid hitting a player hard or always avoid hitting a player in the head. It will happen, its unavoidable no matter how much they try to make it avoidable. Take this play for example, a 6'4 LB launches himself at a 5'9 receivers torso the same simultaneous second that receiver ducks... BOOM head to head contact. The refs throw the flag. Now what's happening is the NFL is putting the game in the hands of the officials just because they are being hypersensitive to this safety issue. So now what's happening is the game is being left in the hands of the officials for an unintentional hard hit or hit to the head which was completely unavoidable. So because they are trying to take away the violence it is causing for more and more games to be left in the hands of the refs. This is what frustrates me more then anything, the referees judging games for what is supposed to be a good football play. The whole flow of games is being ruined by officiating and it all stems from the fact that the NFL is being over sensitive about the violence of this game. The NFL was in denial. They lied to former players about the dangers of this game. They didn't inform former players about possible future head trauma and side effects from pills. It was wrong of them to do that. The former players had a right to sue the league because they weren't informed. The difference between the former players and the current players is that the current players are fully aware of the possible future consequences they may face. There is no excuse now, they have no right to sue. People who think the CTE issue is an epidemic are trusting these doctors to much. Doctors are always hypersensitive about these things because its there job. That's fine I respect that. But they are throwing out these stats scaring people like the ones who disagree with this vid. They say a certain large percentage of players have showed signs of CTE, but to what severity? Such a small percentage of players have SUPPOSEDLY injured themselves because of it. I don't know what happens behind closed doors, but from what I can see on ESPN there are TONS of former players who retired 15 years ago who are just fine laughing it up on television functioning like a normal human being. So until I don't see Hundreds of former players on air who seem to be just fine, I'm going to look at CTE as just a minor rare risk. I think its fantastic doctors have made people aware of the issue, because now people are fully aware of the risks, but that shouldn't mean they have to change the rules. All it should mean is that the NFL will make the effort to teach players proper tackling techniques as much as possible. They should be using these hi tech helmets to reduce head injuries. That's how they should be fixing the safety of the game, not changing the rules. With the new techniques and new helmets less head injuries should happen. If a player gets hit in the head so be it. Its football, it happens. So finally my point, if these players don't want to take the risks don't play, its that simple. Would they really be willing to give up the fame and fortune playing the game they love for some mediocre middle class job? I know I wouldn't. Its football, its a violent game. Keep it that way

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