How To Get GOOD Players In NBA 2K Mobile Season 3 | FREE Rewards Guide

  • Published on:  2/28/2021
  • How To Get GOOD Players In NBA 2K Mobile Season 3 | Free Rewards Guide which includes my Onyx Daily Logins & H2H (Head To Head) Pack Openings Claiming Stephen Curry and this month's featured NBA 2K Mobile codes Subscribe to my channels! ► DaRealLegend Of Gaming
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    Intro 00:00-00:20
    NBA 2K Mobile Season 3 Codes (Chris Paul) 00:20-01:20
    NBA 2K Mobile Daily Login 01:20-02:30
    NBA 2K Mobile Season Rewards / Draft Picks 02:30-05:00
    NBA 2K Mobile H2H (Head To Head) Pack Opening 05:00-06:45
    NBA 2K Mobile Claiming Event Rewards 06:45-08:23
    Recommended Video To Watch 08:23-08:43

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