Strange Things About Joshua Jackson's Relationship

  • Published on:  10/7/2020
  • In 2018, Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson met British model Jodie Turner-Smith at Usher’s 40th birthday party, and by all accounts, the two were smitten right away.

    If their social media accounts are any indication, the two seem to remain in a honeymoon phase, as both Turner-Smith and Jackson gush about each other constantly on their respective accounts and in interviews. However, some of their sharing has made people think their relationship is just a bit quirky, as sometimes they’ll share excessive details, and other times they’ll hold back. Let’s take a look at some strange things about Joshua Jackson’s relationship with Jodie Turner-Smith.


    Usher's birthday party | 0:00
    Obsessed | 0:57
    New parents | 1:44
    Leaving America | 3:12
    Baby bump | 3:54
    Celebrity parenting advice | 5:00
    Just like us | 5:55

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