model career

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
    There are no guarantees or promises, implied/explicit this will work for you. This does not substitute any type of professional health care and I’m not reliable for any decisions made because any video in my channel. Subliminals are a belief and all I ask is for it to be respected. This is not meant to be misleading, just something I deeply believe to work, just like anyone who has any type of spiritual belief and believes that is the true.


    𝒷𝓊𝒾𝓁𝓉-𝒾𝓃 𝒷𝑜𝑜𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓇:
    *Subconscious that starts to work on these affirmations instantly
    *Instantly absorb affirmations
    *Affs have a huge impact on you
    *Release any type of blockages
    *Mind, body and soul in absolute harmony
    *Subconscious and conscious mind fully aligned
    *Allow divine timing to come into play
    *Be able to detach, let go of any expectations and of the outcome
    *Go with the flow and live in the moment
    *Believe in yourself
    *Love yourself, accept yourself
    *Release need to control any situation
    *Balance, control your ego mind
    *Always be protected emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually
    *Positive, safe results
    *Always get full results from desired affirmations
    *Results instantly come to you
    *Permanent results (only desired and positive ones are permanent)
    *Abundance mindset subliminal

    𝓶𝓸𝓭𝓮𝓵 𝓬𝓪𝓻𝓮𝓮𝓻
    -extremely famous, worldwide known supermodel
    -most famous, loved, respected beautiful, highest paid and best model in the world
    -Positively noticed/utterly admired model skills
    -Most breath taking/gorgeous, amazing/jaw dropping/attractive, beautiful/graceful/empowering/confident model walk with/without heels, in any shoes/clothes
    -Legs, hips, arms, back, chest, shoulders, head, neck, body+head posture, feet, abdomen+waist makes you have the best walk in the world
    -Always effortlessly walk in, stand up, lay+sleep in the most perfect posture
    -Legs/hips/arms/back/ chest/shoulders/head/neck/body/head posture/ feet/abdomen/bones/spine+waist always in the most perfect body posture
    -Always have/be in/lay/sit/sleep in the most perfect head posture
    -Head posture is always the most correct when you are on your phone, computer/relaxed
    -Neck/spine/shoulders/head make you have a perfect head posture
    -Ideal/correct tongue posture
    -tongue naturally rests at the top of the mouth
    -Always breathe through nose
    -nasal airways 100% clean/easy to breathe through
    -Sleep/chew/swallow food+drinks with mouth 100% closed
    -Feel/look comfortable/beautiful/confident in any clothing
    -more detailed version of my self-love subliminal:
    -Heal stage fright forever
    -Feel completely comfortable/confident with modeling in front of others/in a stage/catwalk + with being the center of attention, being in front of people/cameras, public speaking, being filmed/photographed + w/ your modeling skills
    -Absolutely photogenic/videogenic/audiogenic face/body/voice
    -Look good/beautiful/attractive in every angle/pose/lighting/picture/video
    -Always love how you look in every picture + video
    -Gorgeous, jaw-dropping, mesmerizing, attractive, powerful, confident modeling poses
    -Trustworthy agencies show genuine interest in hiring you
    -Modeling agents that always find you top notch opportunities/gigs taht you get booked/paid for
    -Beautiful portfolio with the best pictures in the world
    -Become friends with desired models/celebrities
    -Family supports your career choice
    -Rich, wealthy professional model (billions of dollars)
    -Extremely financially stable career
    -Always look attractive/beautiful in any makeup look/hairstyle
    -Extremely big social media following consisting of only real/active supporting followers
    -Engage with followers positively
    -Get billions of likes, comments, shares on all pictures
    -Absolutely immune to any hater/stalker/creep/hacker
    -Accept/learn from constructive criticism
    -Be featured in extremely famous magazines' front covers such as vogue
    -Work with trustworthy fashion designers
    -Be accepted and supported by the model industry regardless of: appearance, body size/type, height, weight or age
    -Extremely outstanding photoshoots
    -Eat absolutely healthy
    -Walk for multiple fashion companies and designers such as gucci, LV, Victoria's Secret, Vogue, etc.
    -Be invited to the Met Gala, VMA's, oscars, etc.
    -Long lasting fashion career
    -Good reputation regardless of anything