Who is Manipulating Facebook? - Smarter Every Day 215

  • Published on:  4/24/2019
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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay  3 months ago+910

    This is the third video in a series I'm doing on social media manipulation. Facebook is an extremely interesting case to study. They're the largest social media platform in the world and one could argue they've felt the pain of this stuff more than any other platform. I find it to be EXTREMELY interesting that they're transitioning to an ACTIVE position on misinformation as opposed to REACTIVE. I think it's super easy for the public to dismiss what facebook says because of their branding/trust issues.... but regardless of what you think about the company, they are one of the most attacked platforms in the world. Therefore, they're the most experienced people at countering this threat. At times it seems like they're getting their butts kicked, and at others it seems like they're winning. Facebook is not blameless, but directing all of our conversational energy towards the platform itself avoids a major issue, namely the people using the platform to do harm, or to inauthentically promote/discredit something.
    The case of the fitness coach was disturbing. This is a well-known individual with millions of followers. She was clearly benefitting from inauthentic followers and commenters. Someone sympathetic to her clearly wrote the comments. The evidence was very damning in my opinion.... but ultimately I made the decision to blur our her page because attribution is difficult. What if someone purchased face comments on Smarter Every Day and said nice things, then framed me as the one who bought the comments? These are the types of things that undermine the very notion of social media integrity.
    Another thought here. If you don't use facebook, you may be tempted to leave an anti-facebook comment. Totally cool. I'm not a heavy facebook user myself. I don't post my videos to facebook often because of their intellectual property policies. That being said, I've noticed that the tone of many of these comments has a "superiority" feel to them, with most of the disdain directed at the platform facebook itself. I think this is extremely interesting because its possible platform manipulation has affected how you feel about these platforms themselves. The people I met are trying very hard to make a high integrity platform, but it's clear they are fighting a huge corrupt industry, and in some cases a literal disinformation war. My language will be more charitable in the future.

  • Zuzu
    Zuzu 3 months ago+1843

    Hah, can't manipulate me when I don't use Facebook
    Next video: "People are Manipulating You on YouTube"
    oh shi-

  • CKOD
    CKOD 3 months ago+129

    Facebook:"Grr, manipulators" Also facebook: "We manipulate the stuff we find distateful, even if it doesnt cross the line enough that we can remove it"

  • Big Hoss
    Big Hoss 3 months ago+154

    Facebook doesn't like manipulaters because that's their business.

  • karottenkoenig
    karottenkoenig 3 months ago+205

    facebook is not interested in preventing manipulation on their platform. they are just interested in regulating manipulation that doesnt benefit them.

  • Genicee
    Genicee 3 months ago+198

    You lost me when I heard they lady from facebook say people trust them

  • Alexander Engholm
    Alexander Engholm 3 months ago+1287

    These videos should be a standard thing in elementary schools.

  • SunnyDisposition
    SunnyDisposition 3 months ago+18

    Facebook has created a public utility not unlike the telephone. Its time for a digital bill of rights.

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins 3 months ago+53

    Nobody is more manipulative than Facebook/Twitter/Google. These scammers spending a couple of hundred bucks is pissing into the sea of how many R&D dollars are being used to control your behavior.

  • Jesús López
    Jesús López 3 months ago+7

    Amazing work, im a teacher in South Mexico and you help me and my students a lot. Keep up, we appreciate you and your passion for knowledge. Thanks! God bless u

  • Priscilla H
    Priscilla H 2 months ago+4

    Destin, I have been highly impressed with the wisdom with which you have approached this subject. In a highly polarised world, I appreciate your efforts not only to educate, but also to reunite, us all. God bless you!

  • Corey Schafer
    Corey Schafer 3 months ago+415

    I love your point about how extremist posts don't have to actually represent the legitimate viewpoint of anyone to be effective, but just need to represent some semblance of truth in order to get both sides ramped up with fear and insecurity. I don't think enough people are aware of that. Awesome series, Destin.

  • Jason Schmidt
    Jason Schmidt 3 months ago+15

    This a fake comment, that I paid to put on here! 🤖

  • Ed Robinson
    Ed Robinson 1 months ago+6

    Would love to see am ep about fake reviews, on amazon etc.

  • Bill Naivar
    Bill Naivar 3 months ago+12

    Thank you so much for doing this series. It is the best non-biased explanation of this topic that I have ever seen.

  • TrickyNekro
    TrickyNekro 1 months ago+2

    1) People should learn to think for themselves and use more sources... wow...
    2) Cyber warfare is actually a thing... wow...
    3) You trust people (who totally don´t have biases) to filter out biases... even more wow!
    Platforms are just that, platforms... And people should learn to filter information and think for themselves, no matter where that information comes from. But guess who doesn´t like that...

  • DanJan09
    DanJan09 3 months ago+495

    But even worse, Facebook is manipulating you on Facebook.

  • Lando Leaves Land
    Lando Leaves Land 2 months ago+4

    All the bots and hackers are now using your Express VPN tip ! : )

  • beyo5
    beyo5 3 months ago+41

    Problem is that who or what is the arbiter to what is "hate speech" and what is defending a legit position. Facebook has known biases, and they define extremes a certain way which is why some opinion positions are shut down.

  • Hazmat
    Hazmat 3 months ago+2

    We constantly hear about state actors engaging in psyops using social media - but Snowden revealed GCHQ programs to do the same thing against us.
    I want to know what the US and UK governments are doing not just against forign countries - but against the US and UK people themselves. The US military already engages in full spectrum dominance as a strategy and it classifies the home turf as a part of that theater. Anyone who doesn't think we are being manipulated by homeside forces is deluding themselves - especially if they think those activities are purely for the good of the American people.