Warner Bros. Studios New Tour takes you on the set of your favorite shows!

  • Published on:  7/2/2021
  • Warner Bros. Studios has even more fun on their NEW TOUR! During this experience we got to go on the sets of The Ellen Show, Friends, and The Big Bang Theory.

    The Warner Bros Studio Tour will not only take you on the back lot but they will also allow you to experience the sets of you favorite shows. Once you finish the WB Studio Tour, you will arrive at Stage 48. Here they bring a fresh update with an actual Central Perk for you to buy your coffee and food. You can then enjoy Monica and Rachel's apartment along with Joey and Chandler's apartment. You then will enter the main exhibit at Stage 48 where once again you get to sit on the Friend's couch, immerse yourself into Lord of the Rings and enjoy the Green Screen experiences. Stage 48 has updated and interactive experiences never before seen such as The Big Bang Theory sets.

    After the tour, you finish in the brand new Studio Tour Store with exclusive merchandise you cannot find anywhere for a lot of their shows including Friends, DC Comics, and Harry Potter.

    This is Part 2 of a 3 part series.

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    00:00 Our Intro
    00:14 The Backlot Tour
    01:21 The set of The Ellen Show
    02:23 Stage 48
    02:40 The sets of Friends
    03:16 The sets of The Big Bang Theory
    03:45 Classic Props and Costumes
    04:32 Green Screens and Technical Wonders
    05:37 Central Perk
    06:08 Thanks for Watching!


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