Adventurous Life + Cool Friends

  • Published on:  2/26/2019
  • Hello guys, I decided to experiment with my subliminals by layering them and adding more powerful affirmations. I am going to remake and improved my previous subliminals. I had fun making this subliminal and I hope you guys get results.

    -Teen drama like adventure
    - Adventurous and exciting life
    -Attract adventures
    -Attract a cool and huge friendship group
    -Friends are loyal, cool, adventurous, exciting, badass, loving and caring
    -Always do fun activities with them
    -Explore fun places with them
    -Hangout with them anytime you want and they want to hang out with you
    -Have less strict parents (Same thing applies to your friends)
    -Go on adventures with your friends
    -Go to ideal places with your friends
    -Have male and female friends that are handsome/gorgeous
    -Create fun memories with them
    -Have amazing conversations with them
    -Have funny moments with them
    -Always have something to talk about with them
    -Have an everlasting friendship with them
    -Your friendship group goes to your school
    -Your friend group are in the same classes as you
    -Do whatever you want in school without getting caught
    -Friendship group gets good grades
    -Fun and exciting school life
    -Be able to hang out with your friends during night and summer
    -Adventurous and exciting summer
    -Go on vacations with your friends
    -Immune to having a boring, sad, and lonely life
    -Attract eventful and exciting moments and scenarios
    -Enjoyable and crazy adventures
    -Mysteries to solve with your friends
    -Live life to the fullest
    -Friendship groups go everywhere you go
    -Immune to getting arrested and injured