Best Toast Egg & Guacamole - EPIC FOOD!

  • Published on:  1/11/2019
  • ORIGINAL KNIFE CAN BE ORDERED ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE VIA PERSONAL MESSAGE! fun and easy to make breakfast toast! You will never forget this one dish, you just have to try it out! Full of different colors and flavors: hot, sour, sweet and juicy, yet still nourishing and healthy to start new day in a good mood! Ingredients:• 3-4 eggs• avocado, kumquat, chili, punica• .........Want to find full list of the ingredients and cook this dish by yourself? Visit our official website: https://www.almazankitchen.comHelp our channel to improve:Patreon: us:Facebook: thanks to Danko Vukovic, Daniel Dingeldein and Luxury Tandoors for huge support on Patreon!


  • Gerald Barnes 5 months ago

    You turn rustic cooking into culinary art... Love your food & the cinematography... You deliver an experience that evokes such good feeling to the viewer. Great job.

  • Angel Garvale 5 months ago

    Aguacate 🥑 mmm El Oro verde 😋 de México 🇲🇽

  • Reinhardt Lionhart 3 months ago

    Pero es guacamole luce muy pobre...

  • milliiE liingo 2 months ago

    Come on you can't have a cat on top of the chopping board...really though

  • Eduardo Oliveira 5 months ago

    Quando ele trás hambúrguer e doces o canal só aumenta top o vídeo.

  • Phillie_B_30 5 months ago

    Every time I see an egg recipe, I think of Anthony Bourdain saying..."I'm a total egg slut"!That looks delicious!!

  • Blunt Man 5 months ago

    Phillie_B_30 r.i.p that legend

  • Brown Eyed Girl 5 months ago

    I love how you guys can take something as simple as an egg sandwich and make it into something spectacular. This not only looks delicious but what a beautiful sandwich too. Thanks again for doing what you do and I send you love as always :* :*

  • Tyler Arias 5 months ago

    Json Muntz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Amazing as usual. :D

  • Aldrin Amistad 5 months ago

    So awesome but the focusing in and out really gives me a headache

  • Game Farm 5 months ago

    Uvijek predivni video zapisi fantasticne hrane! Impresivno!

  • Nina 4 months ago

    Everything perfect! U just need to watch his videos in higher speed 😋😅😄