Taiwanese Street Food Fengjia Night Market

  • Published on:  5/30/2020
  • Welcome to the largest night market in Taiwan, it is the Fengjia night market.

    If you were to visit Taiwan just to eat, just book a hotel at this area and you can eat til you pop...with a smile on your face of course.

    There is lots of affordable, delicious and freshly cooked food all within walkable distance.

    You be spoilt for choice with the amount of variety there is, but do note that most food stalls open at 4pm onwards.

    Food featured in this video from the street stalls of Fengjia night market

    1. Suckling pig egg roll
    2. Robot beef noodles
    3. Angel's fried chicken
    4. Baked potato cheese & bacon
    5. Cotton candy bear
    6. Tiger sugar
    7. KLG - Kuai le ji - 快樂雞 -Happy chicken
    8. Egglet strawberry & custard
    9. Oden
    10. Shaved ice with glutinous rice balls
    11. Takoyaki balls
    12. Mixed braised meat
    13. Taiwan watermelon juice
    14. 車輪餅 Wheel cake
    15. Spring onion pancake
    16. True Dan
    17. Grilled prawns

    Fengjia Night Market
    Address: Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407