Battle of Swing - Benny Goodman Vs Glenn Miller - hosted by John Packer Ltd.

  • Published on:  1/13/2015
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    On Friday 7 November 2014, Pete Long and his Goodmen gave Taunton a night to remember. Recreating an iconic Carnegie Hall swing concert from 1938, first Benny Goodman and then Glenn Miller were brought to life. Some of the UK's finest session musicians were on hand to deliver an unforgettable evening. For further details about the band see

    Line up:

    Clarinet & band leader: Pete Long
    Saxophones: Nigel Hailwood, Pete Ripper, Robert Fowler, John Shenoy
    Trumpet: Nathan Bray, James Copus, Tom Dennis
    Cornet: Alan Berlyn
    Trombone: Andy Flaxman, Ross Anderson, Ian Bateman
    Piano: Bunny Thompson
    Bass: Calum Gourlay
    Drums: Ed Richardson
    Guitar: Ian Lewis
    Vocals: Iain Mackenzie

    Set list:

    Benny Goodman
    1. Don't Be That Way (1:04)
    2. Bach Goes to Town (5:15)
    3. One O Clock Jump (10:02)
    4. When Buddha Smiles (19:28)
    5. Big John Special (25:03)
    6. Sheik Of Araby (27:45)
    7. T'aint What you Do (32:39)
    8. King Porter Stomp (36:08)
    9. Dear Old Southland (40:05)
    10. Down South Camp Meeting (43:36)
    11. Sing Sing Sing (48:04)


    Glenn Miller
    Moonlight Serenade (58:48)
    Sunrise Serenade (1:04:00)
    Little Brown Jug (1:08:00)
    Stairway To The Stars (1:12:15)
    It Must Be Jelly (Cause Jam don't shake like that) (1:15:54)
    Danny Boy (1:18:55)
    Boulder Buff (1:23:00)
    My Prayer (1:28:55)
    In The Mood (1:37:05)

    Battle of the Bugle Calls (1:42:20)

    Take The A Train (1:50:00)

    This event was sponsored by: D'Addario, Denis Wick, Yanagisawa, Yamaha with special thanks to Queen's College, Taunton.
    Filming & editing by Dave Adams