HW News - NVIDIA Owns Itself, Intel GPUs Soon, Silicon Shortage Timeline, & Google Lawsuit

  • Published on:  3/20/2021
  • Hardware news this week talks about Intel's GPU decoder challenge, the silicon shortage easing eventually, NVIDIA's crypto self-own, System76's Linux desktops, and more.
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    Show notes & sources: https://www.gamersnexus.net/industry/3646-hw-news-nvidia-self-own-crypto-intel-gpus-silicon-shortage-timeline
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    00:00 - Recapping the Week
    01:17 - Intel Posts Gaming GPU Decoder Challenge
    05:09 - Silicon Shortage Looks Better in Q3
    07:15 - NVIDIA’s Crypto Self-Own
    09:57 - AMD Reveals Epyc Milan 7003-Series CPUs
    12:19 - System76 Thelio Mira Linux Desktop
    14:19 - NZXT Could Be Expanding Into Displays
    15:59 - Rockstar Listens, Will Implement User-Created GTA:Online Fix
    17:47 - Qualcomm Completes Nuvia Acquisition
    19:41 - Google Lawsuit Over Incognito Mode Continues
    21:09 - Micron Exits The 3D Xpoint Business
    23:01 - AMD to Become TSMC’s Second-Largest Customer

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