Trying the ROSE GOLD Clay Mask Facial!! (Beauty Trippin)

  • Published on:  9/27/2018
  • We tried the rose gold facial that shrinks large pores AND makes your face as pink & shiny as the back of an iPhone!SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty & weirdness ►► last week's episode AKA Thai Massage ►► on Beauty Trippin, we’re back at the home of celebrity skincare whisperer SONYA DAKAR! She’s introduces us to another trendy new facial – the Rose Gold Radiance Mask – that uses all-natural ingredients like Moroccan red clay, rose extract, and willow bark to create a tightening clay face mask that’s holographic, organic and PINK!Combined with the exfoliating “Flash Facial” and omega boosters, no blackheads are a match for this treatment. We put it to the ultimate test – Lily’s cystic acne – to see if this facial will get rid of pores for GOOD.Special thanks to Sonya Dakar ►► weird skincare ►►Treating Acne Wrinkles Facial Acupuncture Venom Facial to us about the episode! More Clevver: http://www.clevver.comLike us on Facebook: up with us on Instagram:


  • Clevver Style 9 months ago

    Would you try this facial??? Stay tuned to the end for a 3-week update on how well it worked!!

  • steph mcrae 2 months ago

    sorry to ask but how tall is Drew?

  • slavena simeonova 5 months ago

    I am so happy that Sonya mentioned that the rose in the mask is from Bulgaria because in our country(Bulgaria) we are famous with our rose oil and in videos like this most of the people don't know were is it from or something like this and kinda feels like discrimination yes we are small country but our products are used a lot of times in the beauty community

  • Kellye 9 months ago

    Drew is actually the prettiest girl on earth, wow.

  • AJ Farraj 4 months ago

    Ikr.... I feel like all the beauty trippin ladies are GORGEOUS!

  • Casandra Lynn 8 months ago


  • Sophia Mann 9 months ago

    This lady’s whole spiel is just her trying to make more money. Lily should have eye protection under that light, she doesn’t let lily or anybody else interrupt her selling speech, she puts everything that’s not hers down including literal doctors, she’s just nonstop trying to plug her products instead of making the video actually entertaining or informative.

  • Olivia German 2 months ago

    Annie Daniels a cosmetologist

  • C Odette 4 months ago

    She also didn’t take her rings off and double dipped into the container. Ew.

  • Cecilio Mendoza 9 months ago

    I didnt really like this one that much. She was talking too much game. Like it almost seemed like she was just trying to fake it till she made it.

  • LadyGertie2012 9 months ago

    Shouldn’t Lily be wearing eye goggles under that light??

  • ella vlogs 5 days ago

    in the intro thing that's the first thing i thought of

  • Agahas Snakelly 2 months ago

    That’s what I kept thinking

  • Bunnii 9 months ago

    Drew's hair!!! OMG LOVE it. That style looks DOPE on her

  • bree 4 9 months ago

    The longer I watch this show, the more episodes I'm like they just are making stuff up out there. I could come out there with pine needles and convice people to poke them into their face for a mountain fresh face and make bank!

  • Skinny Legend 9 months ago

    Are you taking appointments?

  • Kelsey Christopher 9 months ago

    bree 4 patent that before someone steals it

  • Aang An 9 months ago

    That lady went so rough on acne skin... rubbing it so hard probably feels painful. Ouch

  • jct6808 3 months ago

    You are also taught NOT to do that in esthetician school, her "technique" is rough and she doubled dipped into a jar of a face mask which is a no-no. If she did that at a state board test she would fail.

  • Hege Valle 9 months ago

    you could actually see Lily wince at some points

  • Toni Martinez 9 months ago

    I love Lily and Drew together 🧡

  • officialdahan 9 months ago

    We all do!

  • Tavon Fenwick 9 months ago

    Toni Martinez where is Lily’s other friend?

  • Abigayle Conover 9 months ago

    Where are the glasses for the led😬😎