Nike - Dream Crazy



  • Jintian Meng 3 months ago

    This isn’t just an ad, it’s a masterpiece.

  • STEREOTYPE. 2 days ago

    More than 2K likes vs 10 hatefully bois

  • What makes this ad great is the powerful quote."Believe in something..even if it means sacrificing everything."

  • Zombie Juice 2 days ago

    @logan 4x4 are you fucking kidding me ? You're against it.. yet you don't know why ? This is how trump became president ...people refuse to educate themselves on any matter

  • Zombie Juice 3 days ago

    @logan 4x4 I promise you him kneeling does not effect your every day life....I think it's the 27th ammendment... the right to protest in actuality it literally doesn't matter

  • Marci Robins 2 months ago

    Nike stood by him. Other brands drop their talent when they stop being u$eful to them. Well done, Nike.

  • In CogNito 15 days ago

    Believe in something even if it isnt real? Like black victimilogy for instance?Did this cock sucker lose anything? He's a millionaire. He's privileged. He aint in the position to preachWhat about the tens and thousands of veterans who fought for our country? That's true sacrifice. And this dumb fuck didnt even have the respect to stand up for the national anthem. Nike is a fucking disgrace

  • Docktor Jim 24 days ago

    @Arturo Vallejo Jr Bullshit.

  • dennis camacho 2 months ago

    Don't be the best basketball player on the planet. Be bigger than basketball. Damn that got me.

  • Wee Phan 29 days ago

    @roberto5red5rocky shut the FUCK up about military this has nothing to do with the military

  • roberto5red5rocky a months ago

    It only upset racist and morons who have no compassion for children being gunned down and not having any weapons on them. This is not about people getting mad about military respect. that flag represents the people not the military. Each branch has its own flag. The American flag is a symbol of the people. The military are our paid protection of our rights. That flag means so much more then just the soldiers. For all the people that not only fought for our country but for the people who built out count...

  • Alex 103Views 9 months ago

    Nike doesn’t care if u burn thier shoes cause u already paid for them

  • griffin lamp 2 days ago

    Politely Correct according to time magazine “Nike’s sales went up 33 percent after the Kapernick ad”

  • Jay Coleman 2 months ago

    *_*their_** & *_*you_** . 😂

  • Maui Caui 4 months ago

    After the hysteria has died down, this ad is actually pretty good.

  • Maria Lehr-Fortino 6 days ago

    It is. I don't understand why people were pretending to be so butthurt. The focus of the commercial is not even him. The message is so powerful.

  • Sayanth Dinesh 3 months ago

    oh man.. the goosebumps you get while watching....

  • Antônia Silva 27 days ago

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  • Raian3

  • Chief Massa 4 months ago

    I started off my basketball season with 2 points per game after seeing this ad I dropped 21 the next day,Thank You Nike

  • Flávia Rocha 1 months ago

    @Tom Trinh m

  • Caleb c99 8 months ago

    A few years ago my history class was having a discussion on what we want to be when we’re older. When my teacher asked me I told her a professional baseball player. She said that it’s never gonna happen and to pick a realistic job. I told her it is a realistic job.

  • Masseu Zhang 2 days ago

    Go follow your dreams and prove her wrong.

  • Vincent Gennaro 4 days ago

    @Your fuckin nan you never know the only way to lose is to not try at all

  • Uprise Music 9 months ago

    Never thought I'd watch an ad several times but here I am.

  • Jeremiah Moore 3 months ago

    Me to but 30 times