Nike - Dream Crazy



  • Romeo Bravin
    Romeo Bravin 5 hours ago

    Just do it

  • Ian Woodcock
    Ian Woodcock 8 hours ago

    So Nike has to pick the person who invented something disrespecting the American Flag? That's a great reputation on Nike's side.

  • Jthekiller23 500
    Jthekiller23 500 8 hours ago

    Everything was good except Colin kap how disrespectful can you be toward millions of men who fight and sacrifice their life for our great country how disrespectful can you be

  • / /
    / / 12 hours ago+1

    I’m really good at Kahoot.....Just saying

  • Desiree Gordon
    Desiree Gordon yesterday

    this is the best ad I've ever seen in my life

  • Tyler Avery
    Tyler Avery yesterday+1

    Fuck Colin kapernick

  • mjd egbarya
    mjd egbarya yesterday

    I wish racism end

  • Traps Are Gay
    Traps Are Gay yesterday

    Fuck nike

  • jqueen
    jqueen 2 days ago

    Got me crying and shit😭

  • John Sanders
    John Sanders 2 days ago

    Colin Kaepernick is an idiot

  • Marco B510
    Marco B510 2 days ago

    Im a Under Armour fan,but this made me inspired

  • Derek Rush
    Derek Rush 3 days ago

    He need on the flag

  • Ed Messmer
    Ed Messmer 3 days ago

    I will not ever wear another item with the nike logo on it. I know it will not hurt them one bit but I'll feel better about it. That was a great add until the end with the jerk.

  • David Corcino
    David Corcino 3 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the soundtrack?

  • elevate 103
    elevate 103 4 days ago

    Check it out niketown video ig @fxw441

  • Loreto Ramírez Ponce


  • Jerry
    Jerry 4 days ago

    3 words....
    Best. Ad. Ever.

  • Jayden Ogoli
    Jayden Ogoli 4 days ago

    I had some people saying that I might not make it into the NFL

  • Noah Walsh
    Noah Walsh 4 days ago

    i watch this everday for motivation

  • worldwidecity
    worldwidecity 4 days ago

    Still get chills and hype when I see this believe in something 💯💯💯💯