Nike | Dream Crazy



  • Jack Berinato
    Jack Berinato 1 months ago+353

    Don't just be an ad. Be the best ad ever.

  • Marci Robins
    Marci Robins 4 months ago+1229

    Nike stood by him. Other brands drop their talent when they stop being u$eful to them. Well done, Nike.

  • dennis camacho
    dennis camacho 4 months ago+925

    Don't be the best basketball player on the planet. Be bigger than basketball. Damn that got me.

  • Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere

    What makes this ad great is the powerful quote.
    "Believe in something..even if it means sacrificing everything."

  • Uprise Music
    Uprise Music 11 months ago+3747

    Never thought I'd watch an ad several times but here I am.

  • yeetPASTA
    yeetPASTA 2 months ago+314

    imagine making an AD. so good. that people come back to watch it. over and over again. nike went crazy on this

  • Sayanth Dinesh
    Sayanth Dinesh 5 months ago+550

    oh man.. the goosebumps you get while watching....

  • Water Bird
    Water Bird 1 months ago+89

    Me: mom, im gonna buy these 300$ shoes
    Me: you’re right...
    Buys 600$ shoes bc 300$ ones aren’t crazy enough

  • Chief Massa
    Chief Massa 6 months ago+633

    I started off my basketball season with 2 points per game after seeing this ad I dropped 21 the next day,
    Thank You Nike

  • Lil Child Support
    Lil Child Support 11 months ago+1000

    "Believe In Something, Even If It Means Sacrificing Half The Universe."
    - Thanos

  • Alex Antonacci
    Alex Antonacci 1 months ago+69

    “Don’t believe that you have to be like anybody to be somebody”

  • Maui Caui
    Maui Caui 5 months ago+689

    After the hysteria has died down, this ad is actually pretty good.

  • Prajna Priyadarshini
    Prajna Priyadarshini 6 months ago+340

    "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. "

  • AdityalogyTV
    AdityalogyTV 2 months ago+45

    No matter how many times I watched this commercial, It still got me shivering. How an ad can be so related to one’s journey and give values more than just a shoe

  • JR 091
    JR 091 11 months ago+9181

    Still buying Nike products

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey 2 months ago+60

    When Shaquem screams at 1:35 it got me so emotional/hype

  • Desiree Gordon
    Desiree Gordon 8 months ago+48

    this is the best ad I've ever seen in my life

  • Eduardo Bello
    Eduardo Bello 1 months ago+23

    Watch this every morning and let me tell you, I get up ready to conquer the day 😤.

  • Jamil Hajiyev
    Jamil Hajiyev 8 months ago+38

    Soundtrack: Dustin O’Halloran-we move lightly (from the movie Like Crazy)

  • Alex 103Views
    Alex 103Views 11 months ago+1949

    Nike doesn’t care if u burn thier shoes cause u already paid for them