The Biggest Flops In Burger King History

  • Published on:  5/2/2020
  • Despite the millions of Whoppers sold each and every year, not every item introduced by Burger King has proven to be a hit. In fact, some have been spectacular failures. These are the biggest flops in Burger King history.

    In 2015, Burger King executives decided to celebrate Halloween by introducing a spooky new spin on their classic Whopper: the Halloween Whopper, which boasted a horrifying dyed-black bun. But that wasn't all, customers who tried the novelty burger got quite the surprise when they hit the bathroom and discovered an unexpected side effect: it had turned their bowel movements green. As reports of green poop flooded social media, the burger became less known for its Halloween theme than it did for its colorful after-effects.

    The question people began to ask was why a black bun would turn excrement green and not black? Gastroenterologist Dr. Ian Lustbader offered an explanation, telling CBS News that the blame laid with the food coloring used to turn the bun black. Food coloring that isn't entirely absorbed by food material in the gut will pass through the digestive tract. Because Burger King already adds dyes to its regular buns, those existing dyes combined with the new black dye, and then mixed with the stomach's yellow-green bile, resulting in the now-legendary green poop. Due to the understandable negative buzz around this whole affair, Burger King declined to scare up the Halloween Whopper the following year. Can you blame them?

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    The Halloween Whopper | 0:13
    The Whopperito | 1:27
    Burger Bundles | 2:31
    Burger Shots | 3:14
    Dinner Baskets | 4:13
    The Super Seven Incher | 5:10
    Real Meals | 5:59
    Satisfries | 6:51
    The Enormous Omelette Sandwich | 7:57
    The Grilled Dog | 9:04
    The Pizza Burger | 10:00
    Shake 'Em Up Fries | 10:58

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