Ex-CIA official to Trump supporter: We're done. Get out!

  • Published on:  8/17/2018
  • Former CIA and FBI official Phil Mudd debates President Trump's revocation of John Brennan's security clearance with Paris Dennard.


  • Whit 350z 4 months ago

    Who’s here after watching the Candace Owen show😆

  • Poppy Chimera 9 days ago

    @J Smooth Soul Beats 3 months later big fat NOPE.

  • Mercy Undie 10 days ago

    Whit 350z I am hahahahahaha so laughable dear he did covert op,he saved the life of the Afghan president so he has the right to keep his clearance and make money after leaving the service or whitehouse,how did the CNn get to this point ,Clinton is a traitor.

  • Big H 1 months ago

    This explains why Paris' old sexual misconducts resurfaced and got him purged. BRUHHHHHH IT'S THE FRACKINg C.I.A.. 😂🤣😂

  • Brian Vratoric 9 days ago


  • Brian Vratoric 9 days ago


  • B Craig Phelps yesterday

    Well done Paris, you win the debate!

  • Dadzilla Capmbell 3 days ago

    Get out!! This is MY country 😂😂... Oh Phil, what you are speaks so loud, didn't even need the sound

  • J. M. Wood 11 months ago

    I have never seen Phil so angry.

  • BALGN 25 days ago

    Phil is pretending to be angry because he wants the focus to be on his anger an not on his mischaracterization of the economic impact of a security clearance on his bottom linePlanned ignorance.

  • Bohanable Bo 1 months ago

    Yeah right he scared me 😱😱😱

  • Shannon Kappel 15 days ago

    Brennan was part of the weaponization of the cia,fbi, and doj. Should he keep that clearence if he had been weaponized against a political rival.

  • J Owen 13 days ago

    Trump has weaponized the DOJ against his political rivals. Hypocrite much.

  • 1000 mlzahed 4 months ago

    Let's call it what it is...retaliation.

  • acrotalus 3 months ago

    I am prior military, and was stationed in Washington DC. I was not in intelligence, I was a medic, but it is COMMON knowledge that if you retain your security clearance you can make more money in GS or private sector contract jobs. For a lot of them, a security clearance is required. The way they dodge this subject and try and distort what Paris is saying is obvious.

  • Jack Duff yesterday

    Romel H, you’re a dumbass, I bet you’ve been looking but couldn’t find anything, “oh oh come on, why can’t I find anything on him? I know my god “CNN” said he lies daily, so where’s are they, 😭 please let me find something so I don’t look like the dumbass I really am 😭”thus your response was expected, take your blinders off

  • Romel H yesterday

    @Jack Duff do your own research....do a fact check on Trump. I am not your secretary.

  • palliboy101 12 days ago

    Middle lost it.Haha!

  • Oh My Gandhi 11 months ago

    Paris is so lucky that Phil Mudd wasn't in the same room as him...

  • Neal Workman 14 days ago

    @Desmond Bunn Phil's pissed I'm thinking pee wee herman was too when he got caught but we probably dont need to see him on cnn either.

  • applebug 26 days ago

    why resort to violence? Paris said no lies