• Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • ツDonuts
    ツDonuts 11 months ago+119

    I will not add a 🐢 for every like.

  • Ashutosh Taneja
    Ashutosh Taneja 11 months ago+47

    11:35 the door was infront of you.

  • Crypto Survivor
    Crypto Survivor 11 months ago+55

    Its so OP !
    I just hit 23k subs 😍 thanks

  • Adam Barry
    Adam Barry 4 months ago+2

    preston you are the best youtuber ever also unspeakable is my second favoret

  • Shamelessly Nameless
    Shamelessly Nameless 11 months ago+4

    Found it twice in my first game.

  • SaveEm
    SaveEm 11 months ago+135

    Well i found it in first suply drop
    1 like 1 luck

  • Hivv'z Gaming
    Hivv'z Gaming 10 months ago+2

    Try use it in playground mode and ty build with it to the top of the map and plsss pin this I love your vids you are da best
    And like if you want it to happen

  • imadragon
    imadragon 10 months ago+1

    Lol I'm luckiest man alive bc I just played and I got the port a fortress in my first chest

  • Yerania Gonzalez
    Yerania Gonzalez 2 months ago+2

    TBNRFrags should 1v1 jelly

  • Rich_Taco4 *fortnite*
    Rich_Taco4 *fortnite* 10 months ago+1

    Hey Preston.... I found it right away 😂😂😂

  • Black Blizzard
    Black Blizzard 11 months ago+170

    Lachlan vs Preston who will win comment for Preston like for Lachlan

  • Brosome Squad
    Brosome Squad 10 months ago

    Preston: Spent 5 hours
    Me: found it right away

  • Omega Clips
    Omega Clips 10 months ago+1

    I got in my second game on after the update

  • Smortie
    Smortie 10 months ago+1

    Back in the day : omg a port a fort it’s rare !?
    Now : ayy… anther port a fort

    SKITTER 10 months ago+1

    They Still Say Port A Rift

  • Daniel Betancourt
    Daniel Betancourt 11 months ago+28

    11:12 ¿Rift-To-Port-A-Fort-To-Go?

  • DLS Steenkist
    DLS Steenkist 2 months ago

    I already found the item 💯 times

  • # Pugtoob
    # Pugtoob 11 months ago+1

    How can I become a good YouTuber like you plz tell me

  • Fireing Phoenix
    Fireing Phoenix 11 months ago+1

    I must've been luckiest man aliv

  • ToXic Fortnite
    ToXic Fortnite 10 months ago+1

    I found 2 in my first 2 chests lmao