• Jason Stewart
    Jason Stewart yesterday

    Can have one of those hat

  • Concerned Citizen

    Nothing will save you from your douchyness. Except a proper 400 HP 1969 Datsun 510 2-door, properly set up, painted Porsche Guards red with a flat-black hood. 16 way adjustable black leather Recarros, roll-cage, 15X10 inch tires, Volk wheels, fender-flares, and in Hollywood? My personal experience is the Datsun will get more respect than any Ferrari.

  • The PotCast
    The PotCast yesterday

    Oof ouch
    *continues like nothing happened*

  • Jamil Emambux
    Jamil Emambux 2 days ago


  • Calvin Mellor
    Calvin Mellor 2 days ago

    4:29 what kind of front bumper is that on the dark blue huracan. if anyone knows please let me know.

  • Rodolfo Perales
    Rodolfo Perales 2 days ago

    Y u starring at my McLaren

  • Marvin Wilson
    Marvin Wilson 2 days ago

    If you look over there you’ll see my garage completely Huracan-less

  • Geek Gaming
    Geek Gaming 2 days ago

    ive heard this cop before wth issures with super car drivers??

  • Tycho Klapwijk
    Tycho Klapwijk 3 days ago

    I like the videos, but PLEASE STOP THE CLICKBAIT *spoiler: everybody hates it*

  • Migi .ma19
    Migi .ma19 3 days ago

    The noise in the back could be the drivetrain from lovering the car you can short it a litle bit and its should be fine hand the issue with some of my cars

  • Keaton Baker
    Keaton Baker 3 days ago

    You guys make me dream of having a car like that! I have qn audi a6 but its nowhere near as nice as any of these!

  • XxTTexas OutlawwxX
    XxTTexas OutlawwxX 3 days ago

    Then what's the whole point of customizing a vehicle that is registered to you maybe if they weren't such fuckin environment bitches they wouldn't be complaining about it honestly they just need to mind there own fuckin business and go back to the law enforcement book because all I hear is bullshit coming out of there mouth and writing a fuckin ticket just to collect more tax dollars

  • Hello 69
    Hello 69 3 days ago

    Good car to choose from

  • motorola12slvr
    motorola12slvr 3 days ago

    You got a ticket “while park”

  • leomikie
    leomikie 3 days ago

    it b personal with officer Penis! CHUMP

  • Mister Geez68
    Mister Geez68 4 days ago

    So I thought the video was about the cops making you remove your engine from your Lamborghini? This video sucks

  • nate 03
    nate 03 4 days ago

    That's why you don't live in California

  • jose ortez
    jose ortez 4 days ago

    All those cops are butthurt they can't afford those super cars lol

  • Dank Meme Scouts
    Dank Meme Scouts 4 days ago

    Get a 720s

  • hondata70
    hondata70 5 days ago

    Why don’t you just state bard for the blower and done deal most people don’t do it cuz it’s expensive to do but you drive a modded lambo