WW2 in South-East Asia | Surprised at Bali and Battle of Badung Strait (1942)

  • Published on:  8/10/2019
  • Chapters:

    Introduction: [0:00]
    Allied Preparation: [02:06]
    Japan Preparation: [03:13]
    Surprised at Bali [04:44]
    Battle of Badung Strait: First Wave [10:24]
    Battle of Badung Strait: Second Wave [16:06]
    Battle of Badung Strait: Third Wave [20:50]
    Conclusion: [22:07]

    The attack by surprised at Bali and the Battle of Badung Strait was battles of the Pacific theatre of World War II. It occurred east of Java, on Bali, between 18–20 February 1942. Bali Island was originally not a target in the Netherlands East Indies Campaign, but as the airfields on Borneo (Bandjermasin) were inoperative due to heavy rains and considering the fact that Bali Island didn't have that kind of rainfall, it was soon decided by the Imperial Japanese Army to occupy the island.

    In this video, you will find an animated map of the details of invasion operation by the Japanese empire and The Allied defence. The Battle of Badung Strait and Bali is often overlooked in the history book and one of the forgotten battles in Pacific Theather.

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