What IHOB really means (YIAY #423)

  • Published on:  6/27/2018
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  • My name is Joey 12 months ago

    By now, it seems like YIAY, turned into LWIAY.

  • the book crook 2 months ago

    It should be LTIAY last time I asked you

  • Graig Simmonette 5 months ago

    @MLG trickolumbine110 PewDiePie"s version of YIAY but his isn't questions. It's more like when Jack does special challenges (Intros/Outros/Fan Art/Memes/etc.).They have a fake argument about who stole it from who but both of them have honestly been doing it for years (Pewds had Friday's w/ PewDiePie before it became LWIAY).DayByDave's LWIAY intro (parodying the YIAY intro) is fantastic. Really brought the joke to a whole new level. Tbh DaybyDave should have a lot more subs. But then again so s...

  • LemmeGunVitalis 11 months ago

    International house of Bankruptcy

  • you got the wrong house. That's broken down Toys-R-Us

  • TMinusBlastedRocket 4 months ago

    @Aline Sheran international house of buzzkills

  • 2:51 for him and for heeeers

  • DEHP h 12 months ago

    #FixBio your own bio, jackDon’t act like you’re perfect

  • Julia M 11 months ago

    Bad day?

  • PS4 Jacoballan2005 11 months ago

    yes i am doctor

  • Maddie Carney 11 months ago

    #FixBio Shrek The Musical’s bio

  • Sir sloth 11 months ago

    Maddie Carney their bio is shriek the musical is a must see musical comedy bringing the original Oscar winning dreamworks movie to life

  • Cutekoalas19198 11 months ago

    Oliver Copps lol I did that for summer camp 2 years ago (the jr version)

  • Dylan Scarpati 12 months ago

    I was featured, you have to like my comment. 1:30 Wow, I got more likes on this comment than the one in the video, thanks!

  • anonymous98235 12 months ago

    Dylan Scarpati congrats

  • Judy Sigfrids 12 months ago

    we fucking dont need a god damn dating site go fuck your self bitch

  • Avacado G 12 months ago

    #fixbio forget twitter bios let’s talk about this gem 2:51

  • Jess Huitron 10 months ago


  • craze the fox 10 months ago

    Him and for hERs

  • Anaeliseianna 11 months ago

    Ihob meansI’m HonestlyOver theBee movie

  • Francesca Bucaro 11 months ago

    “I’m hooked on bath salts” !!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmao

  • T.Z Trix 11 months ago

    I: DameH: TuO: Cosita P: