Gerald Kelly & Isiah Kelly Talk Family Matters, A Netflix Special + More

  • Published on:  12/8/2017
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  • Houdini Da Great
    Houdini Da Great 1 months ago

    Isiah looks like Mal from Joe Budden podcast

  • foe sev
    foe sev 1 months ago

    Damn they twins

  • Revenant
    Revenant 3 months ago

    Hunter is an old soul. He’s been here before.

  • Be Ware
    Be Ware 3 months ago

    Worse father ever and hes a fukin clown, I remember when he was down and out broke and living from couch too couch in the bronx with his oldest son and a once close friend of mines did him a strong favor off the strength of another good friend who knew this bumass nigga....homie gave this bumass clown a"WHOLE"fukin apartment for him and his bird ass son to get them off the street and off people couches....homie had another crib so he was cool letting them rock out but yo this fat clown left homie crib dirty and filthy had it smelling like fat niggas and stink feet and didnt even say good looking out homie yo i got ill take care of you once I get my shyt together because supposedly he was working to get back in the public eye this was back in(2010-2011)this dude is the epitome of a bird ass wack burnt out washed up father/comedian and so called actor he was kicked off the new york kings of comedy because he's trash he using his kids to stay relevant fuk outta here

  • aperry6772
    aperry6772 3 months ago

    Hilarious —- Gerald and Isiah are Gold! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fernando Ruiz
    Fernando Ruiz 3 months ago

    That chocolate sundae showtime special was funny af 😂😂💯

    SHAY INDUSTRIES 4 months ago+1

    God these people on the comments are wack.... There entertainers!!! It's a fucking joke, it may be the truth but there joking, it's called dry sense of humor... Fuckin softies man...

  • Geneva Davis
    Geneva Davis 7 months ago+1

    Isiah, Grandma was a "Hoe" not whore "Hoe" LMTO !!!!!'

  • Michaelangelic1977
    Michaelangelic1977 8 months ago

    LOL!!! Gerald Kelly is funny.... but ummmm.... I didn’t know Rick Ross was his son..... 😂

  • Dramahawk Promotions
    Dramahawk Promotions 8 months ago

    He got the little beard, little Jewelry that's cool with me. Gerald is Hilarious lmao

  • Mikes Breakfast
    Mikes Breakfast 9 months ago+1

    Funny but tragic. This is the trickle down result of no father in the home.

  • Sequoia Woods
    Sequoia Woods 9 months ago+1

    This interview was hilarious

  • Mr Mikey_Nuggetz
    Mr Mikey_Nuggetz 9 months ago

    Joshua Kelly goes to my school!!!!

  • Elle
    Elle 9 months ago

    They need a reality show, id definitely watch 😂😂

  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 9 months ago

    Their father-son comedy duo is G.O.A.T.

  • Jose Arache
    Jose Arache 9 months ago

    this is a funny ass interview hahaha

  • Jaywu_chakra
    Jaywu_chakra 9 months ago

    Its a lot of judging going on in the comment section. Can't you uptight MF's just enjoy the humor!

  • Njugunavision
    Njugunavision 9 months ago

    Why are these grown men talking like this in front of kids?

  • bigjayking24
    bigjayking24 9 months ago

    Damn, that's a lil too much. Idk man. But if that works for them, it do. But my family cant be like that. Like, Chill man.

  • Glo Hawk
    Glo Hawk 9 months ago+1

    This family is hilarious!