Ups & Downs From WWE Summerslam 2019

  • Published on:  8/12/2019
  • Simon Miller with all the ups and downs from last night's WWE Summerslam PPV.For more awesome content, check out: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


  • Seth Colby
    Seth Colby 7 days ago+1118

    literally when i saw finn come out as himself instead of the demon
    i'm like yep the fiend is gonna kill him

  • MeowRoof
    MeowRoof 7 days ago+900

    It still bothers me that they dont have unique PPV sets anymore. Everything just looks like Raw.

  • Guy 916
    Guy 916 7 days ago+570

    The fiends entrance song might be my new favourite. It's sick

  • Asif Karim
    Asif Karim 7 days ago+419

    I lost it when miller said he thought Randy was going to rko kofi's son 😂😂😂😂

  • Papa_Nino229
    Papa_Nino229 7 days ago+205

    Reigns was at the front of the poster but didnt even show up?
    Lmao. 😂

  • TheVeXecutioner
    TheVeXecutioner 7 days ago+192

    The Fiend coming to the ring was a legit goosebumps moment. Well done

  • JC4R
    JC4R 7 days ago+24

    2019 Ups and Downs
    Raw 293 - 175
    SmackDown 213 - 124
    PPV 90 - 53
    Total 596 - 352

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 7 days ago+130

    Shave his feet? Simon nobody talks like that

  • Kushal Rijal
    Kushal Rijal 7 days ago+91

    The Fiend stole the show.
    Loved that lantern looking like Bray's head.

  • CPA
    CPA 7 days ago+261

    5 things I took away from tonight:
    1) WE GOT PYRO BACK???!!!
    2) Bray MOTHAFUCKIN Wyatt!!!
    3) Seth better have a MEANINGFUL title reign this time.
    4) I hope Kofi becomes a more serious champ now.

  • AFRKA8
    AFRKA8 7 days ago+72

    We not gonna talk about how Seth and Brock spend a minute outside the ring 😂😂😂 yet they let kofi and Randy get a count out

  • hari shankar
    hari shankar 7 days ago+84

    Can we appreciate the fact that we had both the brown down and golden up at the same time 🤭

    DORIEN 7 days ago+51

    Bray’s “The Fiend” entrance alone, was one of the greatest moments this year in the WWE hands down

  • simplyrecommended
    simplyrecommended 7 days ago+592

    No reigns, Bryan, strowman
    That's interesting

  • Veena Tomar
    Veena Tomar 7 days ago+26

    1. Thankyou Bray. Got Chills
    2. Thankyou Ziggler for selling spears like a god.
    3. Ember moon should have won.
    4. Randy should've won.
    5. Trish performed well
    6. Yaaayy KO won
    Plus watch WWE watch along, Riddle trashtalking about Goldberg is hilarious, Adam Cole gets so pumped when KO has a match and you gotta see Gargano's reaction to Bray's entrance.

  • nope nottelling
    nope nottelling 7 days ago+70

    Seth couldnt walk last week and now he is flipping outta German suplex's... Okay

  • Farouqi Amin
    Farouqi Amin 7 days ago+54

    It seems like everyone now-n-days always compare WWE to AEW when doing reviews... Thanks you for not doing that all the time and just really being a reviewer who genuinely can appreciate it wrestling for what it is. Great Review

  • Franz Styles
    Franz Styles 7 days ago+29

    "Some people were mad, then these people are mad all the time".
    True some people are always unsatisfied, can't do anything about them.

  • Korin
    Korin 7 days ago+31

    I always love when Johnny Sins host this show

  • wstine79
    wstine79 7 days ago+40

    I liked R Truth and Carmella as foreign announcers.