Greymane is free wins in low rank with a bit of practice.

  • Published on:  10/31/2019
  • Hey guys, continuing on the series for heroes that are great in low ranks. Greymane is amazing for this. He does just about everything an assassin needs. I still don't like smurfing, but people really like this series to show them low ranked play and how to approach it.

    Because I kind of bullied this rag and said "he doesn't even know what I am doing or how to counter it." I will explain how to counter what I did.

    Firstly I was freezing the lane to deny him experience and stacks. I froze the lane by not killing the ranged minions and letting them attack me instead of getting into tower range. This make rag need to get into an unsafe position to kill minions. The second thing I did was scared him off when he did come back. Thirdly I didn't kill minions. This gave out team level 7 before the enemies got there.

    How to counter this: Do not push unless you need to. Hide in bushes in soaking range and use meat balls to attempt to reset the lane. Takesteps forward when minions are about to die to make sure you are in range of the soak. Greymane can't attack what he can't see and cocktail on one person doesn't do a lot of damage, which is why bush camping is very valuable. If greymane begins walking into bush, use e, auto, q, w. You as rag have sustain and greymane doesn't so small trades are almost always in your favor, long trades are not in your favor. Finally if you are playing someone who just really can't handle the enemy laner, roam and force early 5v4s and camps to try to get that experience that you are missing.