How To Make a Mirror Glaze | Mirror Glaze Cake Recipe – Topless Baker

  • Published on:  7/21/2016
  • Here's a link to where I get my silicone mold & mirror glaze essentials:

    Mirror glaze cakes are all the trend right now, so follow this easy video to find out how to make a mirror glaze and you will have a showstopping cake in no time!

    With this mirror glaze recipe, you can use any colour you fancy, be as creative as you want and try different designs. Don’t forget to check out my tips in the comments in the section below!

    For this Mirror Glaze cake you will need:

    Mirror Glaze Ingredients

    20g Gelatin Powder (200 Bloom)
    120g Water (For the Gelatin)
    280g Liquid Glucose
    300g Sugar
    150g Water
    200g Sweetened Condensed Milk
    300g White Chocolate
    Food Colouring (I use AmeriColor)

    Chocolate Cake Ingredients

    20g Cocoa Powder
    20g Plain flour
    16g Cornstarch/Cornflour
    3 Egg Whites
    100g Caster Sugar (50g meringue, 50g for the yolks)
    5 Egg Yolks
    40g unsalted butter, melted and cooled
    1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

    White Chocolate Mousse Ingredients

    150g Double Cream (Heated)
    300g Double Cream
    300g White Chocolate

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