Sovereign Citizen Edward Thomas Kennedy sues my Sheriff for Treason, Arrest

  • Published on:  1/12/2019
  • Edward Thomas Kennedy, everyone's favorite mass-lawsuit-filing sovereign citizen, has filed a lawsuit in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, alleging pretty everything, including RICO, Sharia Law, and Treason.

    Let's go over this carefully and dissect it one line at a time.

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  • Mr Walkway
    Mr Walkway yesterday

    Sovcits are really fascinating to me, because they strongly hate and distrust the government (which I completely relate to, albeit for completely different reasons) but they believe the way to take this government down is through courts run by the government, and by trying to have legal arguments with cops on the side of the road
    If the US government is a corporation pretending to be a state, and it engages in elaborate mass fraud and clearly doesn’t care about its own laws, what would trying to convince them that they’re breaking the law do? Even if everything they believed about the government and law was entirely true there is no way in the world quoting blacks law dictionary at a malicious corporation pretending to be a government would make them throw up their hands and stop their evil schemes. I honestly think these guys just get off on losing cases and getting tazed for some reason

  • dipi
    dipi yesterday

    »Your legal proofs need to be … more … proofy.« (2019, Leonard J. French, Esq.)

  • World in RooView
    World in RooView 2 days ago

    Windows 95 is the true letter of the operating system.
    The Sovereign Users movement does not recognize Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 7, or Windows 10.
    But I will reference some XP features, because I like some of them. But only the useful ones.

  • A1 Aptitude
    A1 Aptitude 3 days ago

    Patrick Roth and his village idiot crew over at "News Now Patrick" basically filed frivolous lawsuits and complaints on a county sheriff after they got in trouble with the court house and with the police. Similar thing. Subsequently, they earned a wall of shame listing.

  • Rage Rave
    Rage Rave 3 days ago

    I like your videos but this one hurts my head like hades. Also he needs a padded room for a few months/years.

  • Mitchell Anderson
    Mitchell Anderson 3 days ago

    Sovereign citizens seem to believe the law is a magic spell. That, if you say the right words, suddenly everyone bows down before you. They also are a cargo cult, who seem to believe "Because the law uses a lot of big words, if I use big words too, I'm a lawyer!" Without understanding what those big words MEAN.

  • Arrakiz666
    Arrakiz666 3 days ago

    The funniest thing about all this is that Kennedy was probably resisting arrest. And if he was a black man, well... you know. Let's just say we wouldn't have any more comedic moments to hear about from him.

  • CodeAsm
    CodeAsm 3 days ago

    Just a note, the adress was still visible and such even when you quickly scrolled away. I think YT allows you to either cut that part away from the video or blur it (a feature being or is removed). but we all kinda dont wanna do anything with what we seen in almost 3 hours or less... I dint photographicaly remembered the adress tho, as Im bad at remembeing things and I did not want to. this is a fact as I state this as a fact... and while im at it, now by the power of my comment, all adresses and mentions of the plaintifs adress or diplomatic passport numbers have been erassed from this video. this is fact, and i have proven this by this comment and is totaly vallid.
    Said my dog. I dont own a dog. sad doggo emoticon

  • Don Wald
    Don Wald 4 days ago

    Puppers! 😍

  • Saosis Kissaki
    Saosis Kissaki 5 days ago

    I was going to say this is the definition of snowflake but its more likely he just throw shit around and see what sticks.

  • Josh
    Josh 5 days ago

    A little bit of French while playing Rimworld on my day off = perfect.

  • Samantha M
    Samantha M 5 days ago

    Southern poverty law center has some info on Sovereign Citizens, which may explain some of the word salad.
    Pull quote:
    "The size of [sovcit legal] documents is an issue, but so is the nonsensical language the documents are written in. They have a kind of special sovereign code language that judges, lawyers and other court staff simply can't understand (nor can most non-sovereigns). Sovereigns believe that if they can find just the right combination of words, punctuation, paper, ink color and timing, they can have anything they want — freedom from taxes, unlimited wealth, and life without licenses, fees or laws, are all just a few strangely worded documents away. It's the modern-day equivalent of 'abracadabra.'"

  • monkeywithagun
    monkeywithagun 5 days ago

    this guy is nuts.

  • Julian Ford
    Julian Ford 5 days ago

    You know, there's no real point in trying to quickly scroll the address off the screen if you don't bother editing it out of the video before you upload. It's super easy to pause the video and look at it now.

  • wulfe Argent
    wulfe Argent 5 days ago

    If law beats statues and statues beat codes does that mean codes beat law or have I been playing too much rock paper scissors? :P
    ah bugger you said the same thing 10 seconds later

  • laura Tam b o
    laura Tam b o 5 days ago

    What would happen if alex mauer, Andrew watt and edward t. kennedy met ...

  • Sean J
    Sean J 6 days ago

    I think it's important to understand that a landlord is not able to let the police into your house/apartment without the police having a search warrant, as was the case here more or less. If police do not have a warrant then only a tenant of the residence can authorize police to legally search.

  • Russell Dickson
    Russell Dickson 6 days ago

    1:53:08 Some sovereign citizen say their car is apart of their residence because they own the car and can 'live' inside.

  • wren66
    wren66 6 days ago

    Where does this guy get the money to file all these suits

  • Schol-R-LEA ;2
    Schol-R-LEA ;2 6 days ago

    Next video: Libel (not slander, because Kennedy knows better what the law says than the law does) case by ETK against Leonard. With Hugh Janus as a co-offendant (sic).