Sovereign Citizen Edward Thomas Kennedy sues my Sheriff for Treason, Arrest

  • Published on:  1/12/2019
  • Edward Thomas Kennedy, everyone's favorite mass-lawsuit-filing sovereign citizen, has filed a lawsuit in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, alleging pretty everything, including RICO, Sharia Law, and Treason.Let's go over this carefully and dissect it one line at a time.* COMMUNITY! *Join our live discussions on Discord: worldwide on Twitter: more videos!* THANK YOU PATRONS! *Support more videos here: Big THANK YOU to the following January supporters:$50+ Supporters:Jonathon Doh, John Steel, Gavin Barnard, Eevi, Andy, Kyle Mudrak, Verement Tayne, Michael Pearce, Terry Crisp, Richard Fournier, Spirit Bear, Jan Negrey, Daniel Perez$5+ Supporters:Arron Washington, Sara MacAulay, Keith Marrocco, Stephen Stair, Georg Monsen, JH, Arya Popescu, Dustin Rodriguez, Beef, Evan Burdge, Cindy Campbell, Stephen Bank, Jasper Nabert, Hayden Ainger, Peter M Sutcliffe, Christen C Cloar, Vladimar Statmateska, Sean McNamara, William Gonzalez, Lydia Collinson, Michael Jones, Michael Morris, Mark Randall, Tymoteusz Paul, Richard Shotwell, Justin Myers, Hannah Dernier, Paul Bible, Emeric Stexen, Nicholas Romano, Sarah Gerweck, Matthew East, David Silvester, Michael Potter, DreadPirateDuo, Casey Smyth, Pat Delaney, Jamie Lawson, Michael Howard, Mario Bonales, Jamie Sawyer, Michael Kenton, Euchale, Justin P, Lauren, charlieabelar, JAXMerrick, Vaylenisme, Zach Bates, Oddport, Brody Eastwood, Ian McDonald, Marcus Agehall, Joe Roberts, CowboyChemist, Sokar117, Jonathan Robillard, Michael Russell, Henrik Eriksson, Doug Chase, Peter Berre Eriksen, Amanda Gillies, Sheila Boettcher, Sean McCarthy, Derresh, Scott, Justin Waddell, Tim Springer, Zzyzx Wolfe, Andrew Sellers, Vienticus, Matthew, Brendan Horn, Camilla Sandman, David Haig, Nathaniel Cherry, Tony Cruickshank, Christoph Bolliger, Zoe, Gregory Ford, Tron Bayrdgayrd, Sancho, TwixOps, Cash Steel, Druid, KnifeEdge, Kari Sunderland, BodhyOhs, Richard Jeffery, Simon Dompeling, Daniel Kertesz, Norman Wanman, Jason Lingle, Bryan Mitchell, CivMaster, Haris Bukic, Lorn Augier, Chris Hendrickson, Kasierith Atrovska, David Oglesby, Rinoa Super-Genius, DreamerDon, Philip Mathews II, Oisin Creaner, Bruce Fong, Andrew Spahr, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Michal Grycel, Deetz, Stephen Christopher, Patrick Schaadt, Jerry Knight, Fatal Foxtrot, TEEKAY, Stefan Persson, Edward & Hila Goikhman, Steven Hess, Miya Graves, Frederick Cooper, Wes Morrison, Casey Kikendall, Keith Myers, Coleman Mavity, Eric Johnfelt, Aaron Weaver, HenTropy, John Peter, Carla Jean Lauter, Juliusz Wilczynski, CombatZAK, Alys McClelland, Catherine Tetzlaff, David Barker, Phagelives, Jaimeson LaLone, D Schmidt, Ashley Perkins, Dan Chevrie, Alexander Sihn, Darkwolf, Kate Rijacki Ledum, Olav, Nurminax, Naomi Pool, SJ Zero, Andrew Reid, Ian Scott, David McGuire Jr., Powers Bilodeau, Dave Vike, Will stephens, Jeffrey Mancebo, Jamie Walton, EnvyingWrath, Brandon, ksully, sehro, Brian Rossman, FunnyHats, Rob Frawley 2nd, JP Etcheber, Georgio Mosqueda, Ana Razo, Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb), Lord bork, Chris Lindsay, Albert Demello, Kevin Welsh, Durga Devi, Cattus_ex_Machina, Caleb Veenstra, Jojo Evans, Seranata, Rico Robbins, Yoshiman__, Marco Cavatto, Anthony Webb, Mark Curtis, JOSEPH ALEXANDER BROWN, Anders Lundberg, Lane Mortensen, Peter, Emily, Bernard Saturday, Scott Inwood, Kyle Stay, Euan C, Tyler Wallenstein, Michael Scheliga, Evan Foster


  • SecretRaginMan 5 months ago

    "Your legal proofs need to be more proofy."-Leonard French 2019

  • Sergio Martin 4 months ago

    *doggo appears*

  • DrownedInExile 5 months ago

    I wonder if Leonard French works for the law firm Wolfram & Hart... :)

  • Brendan Horn 5 months ago

    When this started i was waiting to find out that he had been trying to file something against Leonard, but had done so so incompetently that Leonard had never found out about it.

  • Johan Kristian Milde 5 months ago

    He just casually states in a footnote that the US lost its independence in 1913. It is not clear how that is relevant, though.

  • Kayla and Jim Bryant 4 months ago

    i've heard this one before. this is an old one. income tax.

  • Nathan Arndt 5 months ago

    Moorish Americans, the sovereign citizens that make claims of nationality, claim that the U.S. judicial system was disbanded or became illegitimate in 1871. Whether trying to understand the reasoning or gross misapprehensions of sovereign citizens, freemen, freemen on the land, Moorish nationals, and free inhabitants, you're going to end up going down a rabbit hole of insanity.

  • Theodore Lehman 5 months ago

    I remember when the Digital Homicide folks had filed the most absurd lawsuit I'd ever heard of. I was so innocent back then...

  • Mitchell Anderson 5 months ago

    They were at least TRYING, and ALMOST had a case. I mean, it was FACTUALLY incorrect...but, like, the idea that "This guy slandered me" was a decent one. The problem being that, you know, saying something was a bad game is NOT SLANDER!

  • sixstringedthing 5 months ago

    I remember a time when I'd never heard of Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.I was so innocent back then...THANK GOD FOR JIM.

  • Marks Polakovs 5 months ago

    What?!- L. J. French, 2019

  • Zrin 5 months ago

    I need to be honest here. I am subscribed to this channel specifically to hear a lawyer talk about and react to (clearly) delusional people doing delusional things. Welcome back, Edward. I missed you.

  • John Evans 5 months ago

    Grumpy Cat in a tinfoil hat! You win, sir

  • Kuronosa 5 months ago

    I was laughing so hard when I saw that.

  • Sigel 5 months ago

    When tinfoil hat alone isn't enough!

  • sixstringedthing 5 months ago

    "Treason... probably."- Edward Thomas Kennedy, "Frivolous Lawsuit XXVIII: Conspiracy Boogaloo", ©2019

  • G+ is terrible 5 months ago

    Almost 3 hours later and I still don't understand exactly what he's suing for.

  • ShoeUnited 2 months ago

    At this point he's suing just for the joy of it.

  • jmowreader 4 months ago

    I think he's suing to get his crack prescription refilled. Seriously though, what happened is Kennedy was charged with two counts of harassing government officials - which as we know is a trumped-up case, no nice Irish boy like Edward Thomas Kennedy would ever do such a thing, but pay no nevermind to that. He blew off a preliminary hearing. The judge issued a bench warrant. Apparently "between 32 and 40 employees and/or agents of defendant Commonwealth of Pennsylvania showed up to injure Edward ...

  • Parrot Parrot 5 months ago

    "Alloy at law" is my new band name

  • EvilDM Mark3 5 months ago

    @G+ is terrible That's alloy OF law.

  • DrownedInExile 5 months ago

    @AnonEyeMouse Sadly the same can't be said for the person who is claiming the title. In that case, the "Allow at law" must be the densest substance known to man!