7 minutes of the Hamilsquad being cute

  • Published on:  9/5/2017
  • Okay so I know the 'Hamilsquad' is only Lin, Daveed, OakTree, and Anthony buuuut, some of you would have gotten mad if I didn't add Leslie and CJ. Soooo, I did. You're welcome.

    Hamilsquad credit goes to:
    First clip through fifth clip: hamilton.clipsss on Instagram
    Six clip: Lin_daveed on Instagram
    Seventh clip:
    Eighth clip: dear_daveed on Instagram
    Ninth clip:
    Tenth clip: splendornmisery on Instagram
    Eleventh clip: ramospictures on Instagram
    Twelfth clip:
    Thirteenth clip: ramospictures on Instagram
    Ending card: self explanatory
    Bonus clip: I made! (But it was inspired by ramospictures)

    A lot of you wanna know what my Instagram is...why? It's not interesting. I mean, I guess I'll share it if I get a reason as to why-