The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon

  • Published on:  12/4/2018


    The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars.

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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  6 days ago+3110

    Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!

  • rafwiel
    rafwiel 22 minutes ago

    Doug, you're completly wrong about Gelande gear. It was not for off-roading, actually it was a cheat made by Porsche to meet noise regulations.
    Car in first gear was to noisy, so they renamed first gear to "offroad", second to first and so on.

  • colt 45
    colt 45 3 hours ago

    Still a more reliable off-roader than Land Rover.

  • mohammad amin
    mohammad amin 3 hours ago

    Great review .

  • Adi hirve
    Adi hirve 4 hours ago

    Which is this Porsche at 10:30 ??

  • E P
    E P 6 hours ago

    theeeIIIIISSSS... what a fucking goon

  • NothingMaster
    NothingMaster 6 hours ago+1

    I’ll take an honest to goodness car over a $1.5 million toy any day.

  • ryan bear
    ryan bear 6 hours ago+1

    Doug is a dork. But he reminds me of Quentin Tarantino. Anyway nice car review. I appreciate the enthusiasm for the vehicle. It's a sweet ride. Kinda want to do two fat rails and ferris bueller that whip after watching this

  • Jason Patterson
    Jason Patterson 7 hours ago

    765 F40 owners gave the thumbs down.

  • Jeebuz
    Jeebuz 7 hours ago

    Sure that first aid kit seems excessive until you realize that this car was designed for group B. All those bystanders😱

  • brian amiot
    brian amiot 7 hours ago


  • J C
    J C 7 hours ago

    For me this is the best all around car ever built.

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 7 hours ago

    You took us for a ride in a 959. And the only thing I ever saw was your ugly skull. Wtf I'll never watch this shithole channel

  • DavyDave1313
    DavyDave1313 7 hours ago

    31:00 "I farted there wow." 😏

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 8 hours ago

    No car is worth more than $100k. Simple

  • Paul Curran
    Paul Curran 8 hours ago

    They had something like 30 of these at Rennsport Monterey this year. Seemed to dull the exclusivity/excitement of this iconic car.

  • areyoureally123
    areyoureally123 8 hours ago

    I thought they were only made in silver?

  • Cana box
    Cana box 8 hours ago

    Glorified VW Beetle.

  • Antonio Ramirez
    Antonio Ramirez 9 hours ago+1

    Hallo 👏👍👋

  • Zi Sheng Teh
    Zi Sheng Teh 9 hours ago

    What a strangely erotic car...