Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5 - Review

  • Published on:  5/13/2019
  • Download the Stardust app here: 2nd to last episode of Game of Thrones. King's Landing is attacked, and we all wonder "do they have enough time to wrap this all up"?#GameOfThrones#GoT


  • Adrian Lenhardt 2 months ago

    Arya is definitely gonna kill CerseiDany is definitely gonna kill CerseiJaime is definitely gonna kill CerseiBricks: hold our cement.

  • Jaqen H'ghar 2 months ago

    Comment thief!

  • Peter Mullen 2 months ago

    Harate Death: Hold my meme

  • Trafalgar D Law 2 months ago

    next episode, arya flies out of nowhere, while Danny is riding the dragon in high skies and kills her. The End

  • Robert Kelly 2 months ago

    She the chosen one Azor Ahai.

  • pete 2 months ago

    With the shit way they wrote this final season, you may right. Sadly I’ve never seen worse direction and writing in a otherwise epic tale. It’s like the writers took a day off and had Michael Bay take over the story telling.

  • You either die Game of Thrones, or live long enough to see yourself become The Walking Dead.

  • Half-Life Scientist 1 months ago

    @Milo The Cat I've heard some fair arguments in favor of the Sopranos ending, but I don't think so many character arcs have been thrown away in such a short span of time in another TV show finale. That, and GOT is/was possibly the most popular show of all time and was so heavily praised by everyone for so long which makes the scale of disappoint so spectacular that it's going to be a long time before anything could potentially match it.

  • Milo The Cat 1 months ago

    Half-Life Scientist you can also use the sopranos that was also equally disappointing as a series finale

  • waldroop11 2 months ago

    Everyone in Kings Landing: you win Daenerys: well I guess genocide is the only answer

  • ReivajXXVIII 1 months ago

    @mimi yeah

  • mimi 1 months ago

    ReivajXXVIII but still, how does that relate to the massacre of thousands of women and children? you’re saying she goes crazy because she had to kill people... but so did everybody else in this show. jon had to hang the people who killed him. robb had to decapitate a guy for not obeying the law. does that justify them “going crazy” and killing an entire city? yeah, dany killed the tarly’s and killed the slavers, but that was justified. she killed them because they disobeyed her/were against her beliefs...

  • LAMusing 2 months ago

    Jaime became the Kingslayer to protect the people. Jaime fought the dead to protect the people. Jaime in Ep 5 - I never cared about the people.

  • Jordan R 2 months ago

    @RUSSIANLAG obviously the show isnt the books tho.

  • Vlad Cirus 2 months ago

    Just for the sake of Cersei, their favorite character, they simply love Cersei. A character nobody likes, unlike Joffrey or Ramsay who were amazing villains and people loved to hate. She is boring, badly acted, because Lena Headey simply wasn't capable of portraying the Cersei of the books: beautiful, beloved because of her looks, but batshit crazy, arrogant beyond belief. Not stupid per say, because all Lannisters are smart, but completely uneducated so acting dumb all the time.... instead we got a ro...

  • Gabriel Machado 2 months ago

    Welcome to King's LandingPopulation: Arya Stark and a horse

  • Giggly Kat 2 months ago

    Arya and her 'magical unicorn'.

  • Michael Flynn 2 months ago

    nice horse....very nice horsey.

  • Noobmaster 69 2 months ago

    10 minutes silence for those who named their daughter Khaleesi or Daenerys😂😂RIP

  • Cross OveR 2 months ago

    Did you forget the Book version exist?

  • Alfredo Hall 2 months ago

    @Jesus Rivera r/bait

  • Hi Chickie 2 months ago

    I feel like we’re watching bad fan fic at this point.

  • Macsimus007 2 months ago

    @femtoservants Season 7 was hanging off the cliff slowly losing its grip. Season 8 took that plunge. Season 7 was pretty bad, but S8 was a dumpster fire so in comparison of course it looked better.

  • femtoservants 2 months ago

    @Macsimus007 But compare to season 8, season 7 is oscar worthy. It should tell you about the value of this current season.

  • Zayd Ghazzawi 2 months ago

    The pacing of this season is my main critique. I actually can envision Dany becoming crazed with grief and rage at the loss of all her advisors and loved ones. But can you do that in basically an episode and a half? I doubt it

  • Religious Otaku 1 months ago

    So true I could definitely see that happening but they need 8-10 episodes to go through that also screw that whole thing with Jaime

  • everything is awesome 2 months ago

    @DynamicUnreal dude, there is a huge difference between showing no mercy to your enemies and killing innocent civilians.

  • Toga Himiko 2 months ago

    Patch Notes for Episode 5-Scorpions got nerfed. Significantly reduced accuracy. And the hero character Euron no longer gives a bonus to Scorpion accuracy.-Dragons got buffed. Speed and stealth have both been increased. They can now take the hide action while flying.-Dothraki have been added back to the game. Fans were upset about their removal, so they’re back now.-Battle Times have been shortened. Complaints that the Battle of Winterfell lasted too long have been heard, so now battles last no ...

  • Christopher Lütz 6 days ago

    You also forgot a small part of the patch notes!*Dothraki screamers and Unsullied soldiers now have +100% replenishment rate and can replenish while marching.

  • Aceofspades928 8 days ago

    This comment 👏