Taiwanese Street Food - SPICY CHILI CHEESE CHICKEN Fried Chicken Taiwan

  • Published on:  1/11/2019


  • Erwin Tan 4 months ago

    You should put more information like name, address, and price of these food stalls in the description for tourism purposes.

  • surreygeorge11 5 days ago

    There are many like this, and many night markets. They are very inexpensive. The best depends on your taste. Definitely a great place for holidays, but learn some Mandarin first.

  • Martin Coronel 4 months ago

    Same here, now I think I NEED to go there

  • Music Times 5 months ago

    WOW, Fantasic video, so yummy chicken 😱😋

  • Street Food 5 months ago

    Awesome video, mum mum <3

  • prossy Nannyanzi 5 months ago

    I like this guy. He BBQ the chicken without burning it is perfectly browned... And he doesn't touch your food.

  • Люба, Жарь! 5 months ago

    Клевый канал..Жаль, что я не все ингредиенты угадываю😅😅😅

  • Uilya Melechova 2 days ago

    Белая штука это маринованная репа или редька.

  • п пп 16 days ago

    Люба, Жарь! ух ты какая шустрая

  • Taka 5 months ago

    Love Taiwan from Japan😄💞Yummy food, wonderful people🤗

  • Garyy Nestimar 5 days ago

    I am from mexico like food japanase and taiwan good very good😉👍

  • Yudi Stephen 5 months ago

    4:12 sounds like TWICE - Heart Shaker..

  • FOOD ADDICT 5 months ago

    Yudi Stephen i think it is!!! Tzuyu would be happy af

  • wen 5 months ago

    Tzuyu come from Taiwan ~~~

  • rob burdack 5 months ago

    Thanks.... Now im hungry 😣

  • haha,You are right, Me too.

  • Stella S 18 hours ago

    I do wish to go to Taiwan and taste them allll!!! Love from Korea! 💕

  • Angela Chan 2 months ago

    If i have the power to stop the time, imma grab all meat and go 😅unfortunately it's impossible 😢

  • 즤아한 3 months ago

    3:44 seventeen song?? Lol seventeen - clap😂

  • LionofJudah 3 days ago

    Raw food utensils touching the cooked meat high risk food poisoning 🤢😷