Speed Test : iPhone 6S - iOS 12 Beta 5 vs iOS 11.4.1 (iOS 12 Public Beta 4 Build 16A5339e)

  • Published on:  7/31/2018
  • iOS 12 Beta 5 is here. It has been about 14 days since the release
    of Beta 4. iOS 11 also came out in 14 day intervals up until
    Beta 5. From Beta 6 and up to Beta 10 it came out in weekly
    intervals. So if that is anything to go by, and I think it is, we
    can expect weekly betas from now on all the way to the GM and
    final release.
    My prediction for the final release date of iOS 12 is September 18th
    what is yours? let me know down in the comments.
    This time the conclusion will be here in the video description at the very bottom.

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    Conclusion :

    The 6S boots faster by a few seconds on iOS 12 Beta 5, and it is still very smooth in the UI. But the super performance improvement that we have seen in earlier betas seems to have dropped a bit.
    Geekbench is faster by very few points but still faster on iOS 12 vs iOS 11.4.1. Sling is slower on all devices on iOS 12. Not sure if this app really is updated enough anymore, really considering not using it any more.
    Antutu is faster, both in the standard test, but also the HTML5 test I run on screen. The strange part of Antutu is that the test on iOS 12 finishes slower, but gets a better score. Strange
    So that is it, we need to remember that iOS 12 is still in beta and that a lot can happen before final release. Also the apps can be updated to officially support iOS 12, and that can also help. Lets see.