• Ryan Suhr
    Ryan Suhr 8 minutes ago+1

    He didn’t even hit Simon at the pool

  • Dreamy F
    Dreamy F 12 minutes ago

    Punches be faker then WWE

  • TBS_PaulSkii
    TBS_PaulSkii 4 hours ago

    5:38 flying part looks sick

  • TheBroKeyns
    TheBroKeyns 6 hours ago

    why is racka racka in there

  • Christopher Murray
    Christopher Murray 9 hours ago

    2:40 So Over dramatic 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Łã fłâme Wilson
    Łã fłâme Wilson 10 hours ago

    What did josh say pooor human. Ow vik went hammm broo

  • Hashbrown forever
    Hashbrown forever 11 hours ago

    How much was the windows

    PAIGAN BOI 12 hours ago

    I feel like people actually got hurt in this

  • Martin Redmond
    Martin Redmond 12 hours ago

    100 percent accuracy

  • DVN_ Elite
    DVN_ Elite 13 hours ago+1

    The amount of CGI that was put into this has me crying on mad levels

  • Br0sk1
    Br0sk1 13 hours ago

    Biggest clusterfuck of all time

  • Unluckiest Guy
    Unluckiest Guy 13 hours ago

    I love how josh literally did nothing wrong to JJ.

  • Mo1
    Mo1 14 hours ago

    Harry started the entire fight,
    Blame him.

  • Mr Beast600
    Mr Beast600 14 hours ago

    Great acting

  • Deck
    Deck 14 hours ago

    Why wasn't the "other harry" not fighting

  • Cessa rae
    Cessa rae 14 hours ago

    As someone that never watched racka racka before, I did not expect this.It was like a vlog that turned into a movie.

  • Faheem 700 HP
    Faheem 700 HP 16 hours ago

    That Scarface reference tho

  • Aidan Ashton
    Aidan Ashton 16 hours ago

    fuckin hell

  • Luke Hand
    Luke Hand 17 hours ago

    Can't win

  • Joseph Z
    Joseph Z 17 hours ago

    If RakaRaka is there u know it's a skit