Skinny Tuna, Rice With Veggies Salad Recipe

  • Published on:  4/19/2021
  • Tuna, Rice With Veggies Salad

    This has to be one of my most favorite recipes for lunch at my office. It heats up really fast in the microwave and in seconds I have the perfect meal. I have to say that I do not like to buy lunch for I tend to go to the fattier foods and that causes a problem for me. So I would rather make my meal myself.

    This recipe has everything to keep you going until dinner time. The rice with the veggies gives you the nutrition and energy that you need to finish up your day. As for the veggies, I just choose the mix package that I liked, and “voila” it is done. But, I added extra red pepper to it because it contains a lot of vitamin C, and I need that with all the colds going around.

    Let me know how yours turned out, and did you make anything different to it.

    Apple cider vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar has various healthful properties, including antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. What's more, evidence suggests it may offer health benefits, such as aiding weight loss, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels.

    Bell peppers
    Bell peppers are rich in many vitamins and antioxidants, especially vitamin C and various carotenoids.

    Serving - one cup, approximately 235 calories.


    2 cups - White or brown rice, cooled
    1 can - Tuna, chucky, partially drained
    1/2 pkg. - Any mixed frozen veggies, cooked
    1/4 cup - Olives, green or black, sliced
    1/4 cup - Bell red pepper, chopped
    1/4 cup - Green onions
    2 tbsp. - Capers, drained


    1 tbsp. - Oil or water from tuna
    1 tbsp. - Apple cider vinegar
    1 tbsp. - Olive oil
    1/2 sm. - Juice of a lemon

    Salt and pepper to taste