The Secret strategy of OnePlus

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • Reviewing the Strategies that OnePlus used to sell it's Smartphones, and what they'll continue doing for the OnePlus 7 and beyond.Subscribe to TechAltar:😄 Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) 😄 : would make my day if you could also follow me on:🌈 Instagram:🐦 Twitter:😊 Facebook: Filming Gear: is from Epidemic sound, and HomageBeats:


  • TechAltar 5 months ago

    This video was so much fun to make! ❤

  • Pablo Ordonez-Saenz 5 months ago

    Liked the exchanges. The aggressive discounting you mentioned can also be considered as long term price erosion

  • gkmsony 5 months ago

    martin is a great guy

  • Auchitya Verma 5 months ago

    So many good points. But in opinion, Oneplus gets away with it because of 2 things:1) Just like apple, they had built a solid fan base.2) They provide good software experience (just like apple)..

  • Dr Faisal Iqbal 1 months ago

    @Giovana Samara i agreed with you

  • Giovana Samara 1 months ago

    Same thing I was thinking: the OnePlus community is a proud one. I feel like I'm smarter than Samsung/Apple sheep, because I'm not paying for name-brand, I'm paying for a good product. Period. I believe that I'm a person who values my hard-earned money and who is not led by trends and the need to keep up appearances. That's how OnePlus gets me. 😉

  • Fisayo Fosudo 5 months ago

    Super insightful video here from 2 creators I enjoy watching 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • AIM NINJA 5 months ago

    Dark hands clapping Hmmmmmm Not being racist***

  • Chidozie Ezeakunne 5 months ago

    @Iwobhor Gold I hope he sees this though, and try to improve. I feel budget phones review should be more in-depth, as company always try to cut corners, and making an in-depth video, would make potential buyers know what they'd miss going the budget way and actually weigh their options. I give Fisayo kudos though, as Tech YouTube-ing in Nigeria is kinda in it's early phase and for now, he'd have to be a little bias to the company's side for him to be stable enough and keep receiving more sponsorship fr...

  • Rajat Prakhar 5 months ago

    Holy 🐄, *The* very first *Tech Altar* Collab is with *Mrwhosetheboss* WOW!

  • royKing Linux 5 months ago

    @TechAltar LoL

  • TechAltar 5 months ago


  • Layyah Ali 5 months ago

    If One Plus ever increases their price for the OP 7 from their normal price range, it'll completely ruin their image. Just wanted to say that

  • Tiago Almeida 1 months ago

    @Scofield11 I'm defending myself for no reason ? Why don't you stop talking shit and stick to the facts you immature fool ? If you watched a simple comparison video you would look a lot less pathetic. The OP6 has a much better AMOLED screen (that I notice 100% of the time 😘) with GORILLA GLASS 5, a BETTER CAMERA,NFC, DASH CHARGE and a much better DESIGN, I'm happy to pay 100$ more given all these differences, next time try to talk about what you DO know.

  • Scofield11 1 months ago

    @Tiago Almeida OP6 has amoled, Poco has LCD, its just a different type of display that you don't even notice 99% of the time.Your OP cost 100+$ more than the Poco F1 and you got the exact same hardware except OP6 has an AMOLED display and faster internal hard drive. You bought something more expensive and now you're defending yourself for no reason.The only incentive to buy a One Plus 6 is the AMOLED display, everything else is pretty much the same as Poco.

  • Brynx Ardeño 5 months ago

    Nice vid but all who comments except me are gays

  • The Seeker 3 months ago

    Nice try, but if you replay to my comment you are one stupid cow shit mother faker

  • Prince Kyo 5 months ago

    Why Apple?? Are you racist??

  • S Sharma 5 months ago

    OnePlus will loose market soon if the prices are going to rise this way

  • Lucas Alves 2 months ago

    OnePlus is not poor people, but for rich like me

  • ihate politics 2 months ago

    @Ayushman Tiwari right man. Oneplus community is a shit hole. While the phones are super good. Still ok to invest good in oneplus.

  • J Nigel 5 months ago

    Strategy # 1 is remove headphone jack then increase prices.

  • karthik balaji 2 months ago

    @MKVD Bluetooth is not a very new technology. it's been there in every smartphones for years. Even a basic low end smartphone had both bluetooth and headphone jack. Some low end and mid range smartphones still has both. Flagship these days are just pushing people to use just one feature rather than letting the end user have options.

  • Joel McDonald 2 months ago

    They removed the headphone jack in order to implement the in display fingerprint scanner.

  • animator osoro 5 months ago

    Feel I have been used all my life

  • Skully XD 2 months ago

    Bruuu oneplus 6 is obvy the best phone they prolly got paid from like google or something to say that

  • Matteo Camerotto 5 months ago

    Yeah by this guy's videos

  • S TR 5 months ago

    Main reason I get one plus other than the price is their software. It’s so clean compared to other phones in that price point. If I had a bigger budget to get a smartphone, I would instantly upgrade to a Pixel because stock Android is the best android and also it has the best camera

  • trmbne2014 1 months ago

    @Thejes V it's the stock camera

  • Thejes V 1 months ago

    @trmbne2014 wow the 6t shots are really awesome here, but is it Google cam or stock ?