People With Albinism Review Albino Characters From Film

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • "Oh, he's supposed to be the albino?!"

    Devin Clark @_devinclark_
    Jennifer Renée @jreneejrenee
    Colleen Young @coroyo
    Keenan Javon @keenanjavon
    Rosemary and Christina Alubankudi @stylebytwinology


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  • JediteSaruashi
    JediteSaruashi 6 hours ago

    i think albinos are very attractive ppl X3 its something about the pale skin and lack of pigment in the eyes that makes them so exotic !

  • Oxnard805
    Oxnard805 11 hours ago

    The guy that holds the sticks for Happy Gilmore lol

  • john dillinger
    john dillinger 16 hours ago

    my landlord is an albino chinese guy.

  • JiggyB Gucci
    JiggyB Gucci 17 hours ago

    They all look the same🤣

  • countys32
    countys32 18 hours ago

    I don't have Albinism but some people think I do.

  • Popovski Gaming
    Popovski Gaming 21 hours ago

    Dude at 00:08 loks identicol to me

  • Nayel
    Nayel 23 hours ago+1

    That one talkative dude sounded like he lives too much in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Griff 216
    Griff 216 23 hours ago

    Y’all didn’t show Tobias Whale from Black Lightening

  • Jayden Spendiff
    Jayden Spendiff yesterday

    Wow the only video where BuzzFeed would want white people to be represented in film

  • trill_ Hokage420
    trill_ Hokage420 yesterday

    The lady in the turtleneck don't even look like she got it honestly she just
    Look lightskin

  • Pigs In Da 6IX
    Pigs In Da 6IX yesterday

    I swear that a black albino dude wth

  • Dekkles
    Dekkles yesterday

    Howie isn’t even Albino. He’s terrified of the sun.

    DISTRICT yesterday

    Lil Mosey?

  • Moist Towelettes
    Moist Towelettes yesterday

    Your Albino actor friends are probably trash at acting.

  • Moist Towelettes
    Moist Towelettes yesterday

    Should of put the Pale Orc from The Hobbit.

  • Raiders County
    Raiders County yesterday

    What kind of hot dog are they because we have the UN cooked, cooked and then the burnt

  • Shara Shudo
    Shara Shudo yesterday

    fuckin snow leopards

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler yesterday

    The White chicks are here

  • AVM3798
    AVM3798 yesterday

    Lets say it together. ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE

  • Ollie Hunt
    Ollie Hunt yesterday

    The woman who kept saying they should car actors with albinism. Okay, give example of Hollywood quality actors with Albinism, and they will cast them. Jus because you have friends with albinism who are actors, doesn’t mean they should be cast in these movie roles. Also, they films are very old, if we were to see albinism portrayed in modern films, I guarantee they would be very accurate looking.