Leisure Suit Larry MCL: Spankin' Good Time - PART 27 - Game Grumps



  • SN1P3R_W0LF_2573
    SN1P3R_W0LF_2573 3 months ago

    Seeing this, I need to see Game Grumps play the Saints Row franchise.

  • P Y R O T E C H N I C K

    Suzi totally has Analisa's voice

  • GG Well played
    GG Well played 6 months ago

    What's a metalheads favourite vegetable?

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 6 months ago

    They have almost zero muscle memory

  • Søren Falker
    Søren Falker 7 months ago

    I love how they are doing a slap shack in public.....

  • Bomboozled
    Bomboozled 8 months ago

    I find it kind of fitting that the only romance so far that didn't' end horribly was with a girl named "Suzy".

  • HoneyBee001
    HoneyBee001 9 months ago

    Please like this so that Dan sees it? You should really check out the band Greta Van Fleet. I think you'd love their style. Keep making hilarious stuff, guys. Papa Bless.

  • hogler
    hogler 9 months ago

    this series represents what game grumps is all about
    edit: having fun with your friend/s

  • Stare Vulpes
    Stare Vulpes 9 months ago


  • Cynthia Bell
    Cynthia Bell 9 months ago

    I was not expecting you to be kicked like that in first person

  • Irrelevant Oaf
    Irrelevant Oaf 9 months ago

    I feel as though Danny is pussying out a tad too much at this point... I mean I don't really care, but it's a little sad to see him give up so easily.

  • Tankaray Vanderbooben
    Tankaray Vanderbooben 9 months ago

    Again why must you deprive me of seeing those pictures of the hot guys? I sat through this entire playthrough, every single sideboob picture and bad joke just give me something

  • Sal Inappropriate
    Sal Inappropriate 9 months ago

    Dan: When you meet a girl and you're like "Hi, I'm Dan." And she's like "I'm your boyfriend!!!!"
    Me: Why would a girl say I"'m your boyfriend?"

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 9 months ago

    I totally thought they were gonna play quarters when Suzi said "a little game"

  • Dartanyan Elson
    Dartanyan Elson 9 months ago

    Dan, I think we all know who the real man in Suzy and Arin's relationship is.

  • Chancey Kong
    Chancey Kong 9 months ago+1

    It's been so fun and great. I don't want to see it go. All good things, i guess.

  • Lord Aäkenrez
    Lord Aäkenrez 9 months ago

    Larry lools like Lemmy Kilmister

  • Meadhands
    Meadhands 9 months ago

    Dan: I made 3 bucks humiliating myself.
    Arin: Man, if only real life were like that.
    Uh, guys? What do you thing Games Grumps is???

  • quartzo
    quartzo 9 months ago

    Hey I’m new to this let’s play what the hell is this