Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Myers (Halloween)



  • Dead Meat 7 months ago

    You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.

  • Skelebro Sans 14 hours ago

    I know I’m late, but no one can say you didn’t read this in James’s voice

  • CrazyKKJS 14 hours ago

    OMG dead mean watches film theory also I have watched most of you vids

  • Clifford Briggs 7 months ago

    Just use a reverse Uno card

  • Lucas south an hour ago

    He just pulls out a skip card

  • Jacob Rengen yesterday

    Clifford Briggs how would that work?

  • deadheadgamer 3 months ago

    Yeah but like...You could just drown him, you can't regenerate a lack of oxygen

  • Carlos Jr. Escalante 17 minutes ago

    but how michel is more stronger than you even theres alot of people he just can trow you away into the water

  • Joshua Cormier 18 hours ago


  • GamingWithBluerex _ 1 months ago

    “His own personal little MIKE-rowave”Why waste all that radiation when you can just kill him with bad puns?

  • Dippy Dinosaur 9 hours ago

    Micheal is too powerful, he won't cringe at the puns and the puns will kill you instead

  • Got any Baked beans 2 months ago

    Healing cell: Oh He got a cut Heals it*Healing cell: Actually I think I'll work a lil bit longer._TO BE CONTINUED_

  • OGs Legacy 15 days ago

    Got any Baked beans in another 10 years that’s. how long it is to MAKE THE SHAPE BACK IN TO MOVIES so yeah wait 10 years

  • Electrical Tempest 4 months ago

    make him look at monster from bird box

  • no 14 days ago

    @Dippy Dinosaur no they are affected, they are followers, just because they don't commit suicide doesn't mean they aren't affected.

  • @Gunnerinhd69 Nope

  • Lord Necronis 3 days ago

    This can be a really good series. 'Film Theory's Guide to Killing Horror Villains.'

  • The Spy 10 days ago

    Matpat: how to kill Michael Myers Busta Rhymes: hold my beer

  • Lukeforce 18 days ago

    Just loop him for the whole game then escape through the hatch

  • Weeb Kami 3 days ago

    Nice reference

  • No all u got to say is :kick micheal myers

  • AnimationArt Blaze 2 months ago

    I think the most terrifying thing about Michael Myers is the fact that he eats dogs 😳🤮

  • Random Person 4 days ago

    AnimationArt Blaze people has ate dogs before in history, so it’s not that bad.

  • AnimationArt Blaze 6 days ago

    ๑ Puddingbällchen ๑ dogs are sweet kind and caring chickens sorry but nah