Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life

  • Published on:  6/3/2019
  • I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie


  • peen Zybid 15 days ago

    This is how many people felt broke↓

  • @Londin Randle hahahahah gaahahahahahahaahaaaaaa

  • Londin Randle 11 hours ago

    not really me cause my mom is rich and no im not trying to brag im just saying

  • Caitlin Bell 2 days ago

    Kylie: Which car am I going to take?Me:.... Me: Which bus am I going to take?Kylie:....

  • MYMYINGRAM Life 16 hours ago

    Caitlin Bell can you subscribe to my channel please

  • m m 21 hours ago

    😂😂 no I should cry 😢😢

  • I just love how she doesnt put anything in her purse. Mood

  • MYMYINGRAM Life 14 hours ago

    Marie-Joëlle Champagne subscribe to my channel please

  • perla galicia 14 hours ago

    I wouldn’t either if I had to change my purse every 3 hours 😭😭😭

  • Pablo Jay 6 days ago

    Kylie : which car should I take? Also Kylie : *has cracked iPhone screen*

  • kyran • kun 18 hours ago

    At least she isn’t the type to replace it the moment it breaks

  • Vlog Music 21 hours ago

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  • Alex Rus 6 days ago

    Ariel: breathesKylie: ILOVVEEEYOUUUAAAA

  • Nandar Mendes yesterday


  • can’t relate yesterday

    Alanna Buck *THOT*

  • monika 12 days ago

    2015: youtubers becoming celebrities2019: celebrities becoming youtubers

  • Jordyn Blair 12 hours ago

    monika cause the moneyyyyyy

  • Vlog Music 21 hours ago

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  • JANETTE 2 days ago

    I would like to see how well Kylie would survive a ”normal” everyday life, without talking about poor life...

  • *sips tea* 3 days ago

    Oml I like Kylie waaaaaay more after this video. She gets too much hate tbh

  • Vanessa Frank 9 hours ago


  • *sips tea* same😂

  • Carol 5 days ago

    Kylie said this is awkward when in the elevator with Jose was so funny cause I felt that awkwardness. 😂

  • Akansha Singh 19 hours ago

    Carol I could feel it while watching the video 😂😂 for real

  • Lil Bexn 6 days ago

    Kylie: *what should I wear today?*Me: *Is this gonna fit me today?*

  • mvchi 2 days ago

    @Arabella Vazquez SHUT UP

  • Lil Dora 3 days ago