Incredible Bulgogi Delivery and Chili Paste Village (Day 16)

  • Published on:  8/19/2016
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    On Day 16 of our trip to South Korea, we first visited a mountain park, despite the heavy rain. Then we had an amazing lunch where they actually delivered the bulgogi to us in our private dining room. Finally we visiting a famous Korean gochujang chili paste village, an ingredient that is highly important in Korean food.

    00:17 Sunchang Mountain Park - 3,000 Won ($2.60) entrance fee - For our first stop of the morning we drove over to the Sunchang Mountain Park. Despite the heavy rain all morning, it was still an extremely beautiful mountain park, and we walked out to the waterfall and got pretty wet as well. But it was really nice, a great place to visit for nature lovers.

    1:55 Bulgogi lunch at Karam Hanjeongsik (가람한정식) Restaurant - For lunch we drove over to a restaurant called Karam Hanjeongsik (가람한정식) that specializes in serving home cooked set meals, which is called Hanjeongsik. The restaurant is a heritage restaurant that was originally the family's home. The most amazing thing about this restaurant is that when your food is ready they put everything on your table and deliver it into your room, the table filled with all your food. It was an amazing meal, filled with all sorts of different banchan side dishes and our main dish was bulgogi, both beef and pork. The entire meal cost only 12,000 Won ($10.42) per person. I thought it was a pretty good deal.

    10:37 Sunchang Gochujang Village (Sunchang Chili Paste Village) - In Korean food you’ll notice that nearly everything contains some chili pepper paste, which in Korean is known as gochujang. We drove over the Sunchang, which is one of the main Korean red pepper chili paste and soy bean pate producing areas of South Korea. They have a number of homes that still make the pepper paste in their families and you can walk around and even sample the different chili pastes.

    14:16 Haemul Panjeon - Since it was still raining all day, we headed back to Jeonju and went to a restaurant to eat haemul panjeon, which is a Korean seafood and green onion pancake. Panjeon is a favorite Korean food to eat when it’s cold and rainy so it made for the perfect snack for the evening.

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    Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs, but all videos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

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