The Enemies of Jake Paul

  • Published on:  10/3/2018
  • BINGE all 8 Episodes NOW! Crompton series investigating the mind of youtuber Jake Paul in 8 parts. Channels FeaturedErika Costell Geordie Podcast with Logan Wilder reacting to Justin roberts Paul Morton, Therapist Paul Violet Banks Defranco (its Philip with ONE l not TWO unless it’s spelled Phillyd which is confusing but i guess it’s fine since it’s a play on Philadelphia? is he from there though? if he’s not that seems odd.) Morton Therapist Book


  • LilMizSabrina 9 months ago

    “Gentle with the children. They make you famous” Did that piss off anyone else?🙄

  • Izzy Sunshine 2 days ago

    LilMizSabrina it really did 🤦‍♀️😑

  • baylie ashton 3 days ago

    like they have a whole business that is separate from youtube you idiot

  • Maryam Lee 3 months ago

    I've never watched a Jake or Logan Paul video before and like now I'm so deep into this tea lmao

  • Chloe Chimienti 9 hours ago


  • Kasey Gronbach 16 days ago

    Same 😂

  • Diego Yepez 3 months ago

    It bothers me when all these Uber drivers don’t even realize they are driving the god of tea

  • Ky's Kingdom 4 days ago


  • *gentle with the children they make you famous* Tf? Excuse me biotch??

  • M.A. S.T 3 days ago

    ikr that lady pisst me off


  • JEZUZ_ M 1 months ago

    Are they sociopaths or not?????Logan paul=knows hes a sociopathJake paul=doesnt know for sureGreg paul=sociopathMom=sad

  • Jaida_Hickling yesterday

    i feel so bad for the mom because she is stuck with a family of sociopaths or people who aren’t okay.

  • P!ATD Fan 3 days ago

    Logan....... Isn't a socipath

  • Charlotte Nieman 9 months ago

    I am just waiting for the next series: ”Jojo Siwa behind the ponytail.”

  • The Messiah Complex an hour ago

    Oh damn girl, that's a good one

  • xXRiachellaXx 9 hours ago

    More like TEA TEA TEA, oh do you have some spare tea bags? TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • quekhi 3 months ago

    id never watch a 50 minute youtube video, but since it's shane, he's got some weird trick to get me to watch all of this

  • Bored_brock k 10 days ago

    I👏just👏resized👏this👏was👏50👏minutes 👏

  • onlyiflove 14 days ago

    Ruby Phillips x poppooooollpppppppppp

  • Emma Sanford 4 months ago

    That friken lady who said “careful with the children they make you famous” and she pointed at the kids and said “you make them famous” I literally want to scream that is a d-bag move! Like would you want 70 kids and their parents standing outside your house?

  • It's Talespy 3 days ago

    Emma Sanford t

  • ITZ_KAITLYNN 27 days ago

    leah lashwood No, it was at 400 😝

  • Shay Games 1 months ago

    Anyone rewatching bc Shane has not uploaded 😢😭😢😭😢😕😟😔😞☹️🙁

  • Patrick McCarthy 37 minutes ago


  • Oscar Warman yesterday

    There's a new vid now dough

  • Kati Rivera 2 months ago

    When shane tried to do nick’s accent 😂- i died

  • The Obeast 2 hours ago

    @Reflex Essxnce Well stop being a baby.

  • Mewtin Cat 14 days ago

    Haha same