Epic Beauty Room Makeover for Tati Westbrook | Glamlifeguru x Mr. Kate | OMG We're Coming Over

  • Published on:  3/30/2017
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    Porcelain Pencil Cup: http://bit.ly/2oyFXcw

    Creative Credit:

    Audio Tracks: ES_Go Around The World (Instrumental Version) - Happy Republic.mp3, ES_BroadSides 4 (Remix Version) - Jimmy Wahlsteen.mp3, ES_Good World Gone Bad (Wildside Remix Version) - Martin Carlberg.mp3, ES_Down For The Long Run (Cospe Remix) - Da Toby.mp3, ES_Back In Da Days 1 - Da Tooby.mp3, ES_I'm Moving On (Instrumental Version) - Happy Republic.mp3, ES_Yellow Moon (Instrumental Version) - Sebastian Forslund.mp3, ES_Love On My Mind (Instrumental Version) - Mikael Person.mp3, ES_Never Gonna Stop (Instrumental Version) - Joachim Nilsson.mp3, ES_Faster Car (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber.mp3, ES_We Are Everything Tonight (Instrumental Version) - Sebastian Forslund.mp3, ES_BroadSides 4 (Remix Version) - Jimmy Wahlsteen.mp3

    A Mr. Kate Production
    Shot by: Brad Etter and Marco Bottiglieri
    Edited by: Oleksii Babenko
    Sound: Tammy Martinez
    Grip: Vianne Robitaille