The 10,000-Calorie Diet: This is What Sumo Wrestlers Eat



  • Seasammee
    Seasammee 3 months ago+8039

    Hes kinda adorable in my opinion. I wanna be best friends with him.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 months ago+2848

    This guy is a living anti-depressant

  • Gyp12k
    Gyp12k 2 months ago+1852

    His grandma is probably soo happy seeing him

  • RapTRz-
    RapTRz- 2 months ago+2678

    I love this guy. He radiates such positive energy.

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    He Protecc
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    But most importantly
    He eat his Chanko Snacc

  • Andreas Dorn
    Andreas Dorn 7 months ago+12764

    A gentle giant.

  • mai
    mai 2 months ago+673

    he's a big baby, i love this man.

  • Illuminaughty -
    Illuminaughty - 2 months ago+725

    This is what happens when you follow your passion/dream. What a lovely giant

  • Fermion
    Fermion 1 months ago+605

    Breakfast - Chanko
    Lunch - Chanko
    Snack - Chanko
    Dinner - Chanko
    GF - "Hey babe, want to get a pizza, chicken, or burgers?"
    Byamba - "Chanko, yes."

  • Dragoon TV
    Dragoon TV 2 months ago+541

    he cooks well that's husbando material

  • abrd Pltothyn
    abrd Pltothyn 3 months ago+4189

    "I'm full right now and have to go nap"
    Whatta mood

  • J L
    J L 2 months ago+632

    Take a shot every time he says "chanko"

  • Train LeChoo
    Train LeChoo 2 months ago+268

    11% body fat at 330 pounds is amazing

  • Chris Rambarran
    Chris Rambarran 2 months ago+455

    0:04 literally a "I don't want to hurt you, but I could annihilate you if I wanted" moment.

  • Ice Beam
    Ice Beam 2 months ago+317

    I really enjoyed this. I think the joke among western culture is that sumo wrestlers eat junk/whatever they want and that it’s a sport for fat guys. This video shows us that, although it is a sport for heftier people, these people continue to fuel their body the best way they can by eating a lot of meat and vegetables. We often underestimate how hard and tiring sumo wrestling is, of course these men would eat food that fuels their body and gives them energy.

  • Henrik Thomas
    Henrik Thomas 7 months ago+6836

    This guy seems permanently happy and the happiness just shines from his face
    I feel happy for him since its looks like he has a happy and fulfilled life doing a job he loves

  • Cyberpunk 2020
    Cyberpunk 2020 2 months ago+324

    he is from Mongolia. 🇲🇳
    he was Japanese traditional sumo wrestler. 🇯🇵
    he lives in America. 🇺🇸
    he decorate Korea flag in his dojo. 🇰🇷
    He is globalism 🌍

  • Rexhepi Veli
    Rexhepi Veli 1 months ago+66

    A lot of vegetables, good meat and soup.
    When you realize that sumos have a better diet than you ...

  • Mikkel Pedersen
    Mikkel Pedersen 2 months ago+228

    “Let me taste firts HAHAHAHAHA”
    I love this man

  • Twitch Jackjam80
    Twitch Jackjam80 2 months ago+124

    Producer: so what food do yo-
    Sumo: Chanko
    Producer: you didn’t let me finis-
    Sumo: CHANKO