What Your Dog's Sleeping Position Reveals About Its Character

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • What does a dog’s sleeping position mean? Most dog owners know about their pets' habits and easily understand when their dog is happy, worried, surprised, or scared. You can also reveal some of your dog's secrets by analyzing its favorite resting position.

    The Snowball 1:17
    The Pancake 2:12
    Superman 3:26
    Curled up in a ball 4:29
    On its back 5:36
    The Dead Cockroach 6:27
    The Sphinx 7:36
    The Burrower 7:18
    Bonus: How to understand that your dog is absolutely unique 8:50


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    - The snowball is one of the most popular positions among dogs — and among cats as well! In this position, a dog curves its spine, and its nose is located not far from its tail.
    - The pancake is the most restorative position for sleep, and, in most cases, that's exactly when REM sleep occurs. So don't get spooked if your doggy starts to kick and paddle out of the blue. It's just acting out its dreams.
    - If you notice that your adult dog prefers Superman position, it may indicate that it feels hot. Perhaps it's been a sweltering day or your dog has been playing and exercising too hard. Your dog may be simply exhausted.
    - You can sometimes catch your pet curled up in a tight ball with its tail wrapped around its body and its paws neatly tucked away. This way of sleeping resembles the fetal position in humans.
    - If your dog prefers sleeping on its back with its front legs bent over its chest and its back legs extended, you’ll probably guess that it feels at ease.
    - By sleeping in the dead cockroach position, your pet can be cooling off. You must have noticed that some areas of dogs' tummies aren't as fluffy as the rest of their body.
    - The sphinx position allows your dog to take off running as soon as you call it. Not many dogs sleep this way, and this is kind of a transitional state between wakefulness and rest.
    - If your pooch is a burrower, it needs more affection and attention than any other animal. When such dogs snuggle into something cozy, they are searching for security and comfort.
    - If you notice that one part of your pet rests on a comfortable sofa and the other resides on a hard, unforgiving floor AND your dog is sound asleep at this time, congratulations! You're the owner of a unique dog!

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    BRIGHT SIDE  4 months ago+597

    Hey guys! What is your pet's favourite sleeping position? :)

  • Laura Hancock
    Laura Hancock 8 minutes ago


  • Spooky Puppy Demon
    Spooky Puppy Demon 5 hours ago

    All my dogs love becoming pancakes :3

  • Krystal Daniels
    Krystal Daniels 12 hours ago

    My big dogs sleep pancake style a lot but my little Chihuahua jack Russel mix is always curled up in a ball. She likes to sleep under my covers curled up. She isn't scared or anything

  • Zack Rodugos
    Zack Rodugos 14 hours ago

    Well my dog is a burrower and curls up in a ball. My dog sleeps in my blanket and curls up in a ball.

  • Jaz G.
    Jaz G. 18 hours ago

    My dog sleeps in every position😂

  • Sam Cox
    Sam Cox 18 hours ago

    My dog is unique

  • Autumn Rose
    Autumn Rose  22 hours ago

    Tbone is a curled up croissant most of the night, only uncurling during the morning. He grew up in a research faciity and in a cage so I think he learned to curl up for warmth and safety purposes. Hes been with me for two years now but he has very high anxiety and seperation issues. He has to be touching some part of me during all times we as together, unless food is to be had. He's a pretty happy pup besides all that. Loves dogs, parks, and tearing up paper.

  • Emily Mitchell
    Emily Mitchell yesterday

    My dog is sleeping in the pancake position right now in my bed haha

  • Nicolas Antezana
    Nicolas Antezana yesterday

    My dog dose all of them xD

  • Kirby's the boi
    Kirby's the boi yesterday

    And sphinx

  • Kirby's the boi
    Kirby's the boi yesterday


  • Kamryn Flores
    Kamryn Flores yesterday

    My dogs position is on its back

  • Pupcake 318
    Pupcake 318 yesterday

    My puppy sleeps in pancake and my 3 year old dog sleeps in snowball so that she is ready to run from the puppy who wants to play

  • Charles Thibodeaux

    My dog normally sleeps in my lap and rolls over so I can pet it on its tummy

  • Lauren Jewel
    Lauren Jewel yesterday

    ok but like pancake from the thumbnail stole my heart

  • I dont know meh name

    I'm not watching and commenting this while on the snowball position. 0>0

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith yesterday

    Narrator kills this video for me...

  • Dhaniel Rivera
    Dhaniel Rivera 2 days ago

    My two dogs are like this especially my older one he does all these positions

  • Gacha Foods
    Gacha Foods 2 days ago

    My dog sleeps in all of these positions:P