JoJo and Jordan's Love Story | Engaged



  • Laura Kamp
    Laura Kamp 10 months ago+532

    most beautiful bachelorette EVER

  • Saylor Werthington
    Saylor Werthington 10 months ago+348

    I feel like Jojo is literally the Prom Queen of the Bachelor franchise. She’s so damn likeable, has SO many Instagram followers in comparison to literally anybody else from this show and she’s like the one person that everyone still loves and roots for! I hated Jordan on the show(thanks Reality Steve 😂) but now I adore these two together!

  • Abby Blankenship
    Abby Blankenship 10 months ago+578

    I remember how mad I was when you chose Jordan over Robby 😂😂😂😂 now I realize how stupid I was!!! You two were meant for each other! So happy for you!!!

  • Ashley Rosa
    Ashley Rosa 10 months ago+307

    I just learned the hand squeeze thing 😂😂😂 Jordan and I were on the same boat

  • Brittany Strouse
    Brittany Strouse 10 months ago+207

    im a cheater with bachelor stuff so I look at the spoilers it would be cool if you guys went through old tabloids and spoilers and debunked the myths and stuff people said

  • Dairy-State Vegan
    Dairy-State Vegan 10 months ago+457

    The hand squeeze is universal and that’s SO cute that you were doing it and he didn’t realize 😍

  • Laura L. Parr
    Laura L. Parr 10 months ago+178

    “How do you break up with her wearing that?” 😂😂😂

  • countrygirljenn
    countrygirljenn 10 months ago+154

    My husband and I were set up on a blind date but later realized we grew up a few miles away from each other in the country and had never met or knew each other existed. When his parents were selling their house my family went to look at it...there was a family picture on the mantel and I pointed to him and said "He's cute! How did I not know he lived here?!" After our first date I knew I would may him someday. We both weren't ready and lost touch for 4 years. Valentine's Day 2014 he messaged me and the rest is history! 2 years married on the 8th of October and a 1 year old son...he's my best friend and soul mate.💗

  • Mayara Goncalves Pongitori
    Mayara Goncalves Pongitori 10 months ago+141

    I Was Team Jordan from beginning! There is no way I like any season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette after watch you two. I still wishing all the best to you guys!

  • E D
    E D 5 days ago+3

    I just realized who Jojo reminds me of, she looks just like a brunette Isla Fischer from wedding crashes and confessions of a shopaholic!

  • Omphile Modise
    Omphile Modise 10 months ago+185

    Oh my word!! All the memories :) I was legit smiling for the duration of the whole video. You guys are honestly so strong and so in love, I absolutely love it!!!!!

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee 10 months ago+78

    Honestly,why Jojo is by far one of my favorite person in bachelor world. Jojo that I saw in Ben's season,Jojo in the bachelorette season and Jojo now is the same Jojo. The hardworking one,doing the same job like before the bachelorette, physically she is not change much (coz some people in bachelor world sometimes change into different person,the face,the body,the lifestyle), she is so real just like us,doing normal stuff (it's not only about having party all the time,having fun all the time), she is cooking,she is working,she doesn't always look perfect all te time like a barbie doll.And I think that's one of the quality that the bachelorette have,jojo,rachel,kaitlyn and becca. They are not only beautiful but they have personality,character and they are real.So I think ABC really doing good job in choosing thr bachelorettes.

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith 10 months ago+90

    I absolutely loved your season, and I still think you are one of the best suited, realest couples to come out of The Bachelorette. I’m so glad you made this channel because I MISSED YOU!

  • Ronna Bourgeois
    Ronna Bourgeois 10 months ago+84

    I love y’all so much!! I’m so happy you are doing this. Jordan was my choice for you. His confidence just matched yours. My husband and I had a 2 year long distance engagement and that was torturous! It’s hard to fight over the phone! I’m happily married for 17 years now.

  • Nicole Arena
    Nicole Arena 10 months ago+63

    You guys are still my favorite couple to this day.

  • Katie Moore
    Katie Moore 10 months ago+61

    How did you guys deal with the huge controversy that Jordan was some awful manipulative person after the show was over? I don’t remember what specifically it was, but i remember some issues that the internet was in flames over lol

  • Suzy Doss
    Suzy Doss 10 months ago+44

    I’m so excited for this!! Full disclosure... I thought Jordan was in it for the wrong reasons and you would end up heartbroken. How wrong was I?!? Y’all are by far my favorite couple from the Bachelor/Bachelorette! Jordan is awesome and I’m sorry I ever judged him. Y’all are adorable and so much fun. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Madison Raike
    Madison Raike 10 months ago+33

    This was the best!! My husband and I started dating at 14 and just got married 2 months ago (8.5 years later)! Cannot wait to see all of your videos ❤️

  • LovedHappy
    LovedHappy 10 months ago+43

    Aw this is so fun! You guys are so perfect together! I love seeing more of Jordan. Can’t wait to see more 😄💘

  • LeAnna Perry
    LeAnna Perry 10 months ago+20

    My husband and I met at grad school and had only been dating for 4 months before I took a job in Indianapolis and he took a job traveling on the road for 6 months. He broke up with me after a few months into the distance as it was too difficult for him. I told him I couldn't just be friends with him so we stopped talking almost completely. After his job on the road was over, he got a job in Chicago and we picked up talking again but still not dating. My favorite author, Emily Giffin, was having a book signing in Chicago and I told him I wish I had known sooner to come up and meet her. A few days later, I get her new book in the mail signed by her! He stood in a line of nearly all females to get her booked signed for me, telling Emily it was for a friend and she said "Guys don't typically come to my book signings for a friend..". And she was right! We started long distance dating again, I moved to Chicago after a year or so, and got married a year and a half ago. Distance can take it's toll, but love always prevails!