DIY Kids Room Makeover | She Designs, I DIY!

  • Published on:  10/23/2019
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    For those of you who are a bit confused as to why I call her mini human, she is my “step” daughter but we don’t like to use the word step (since I am a part of blended family myself and was raised that family is family) … I also try not to use her name/face that often out of respect for her mama. Okay now that that is out of the way - she designed every aspect of this room and I DIY’ed it for her with a few of my personal design tweaks. I love how this is a reflection of her, where she is at/what she’s into at this particular time in her life and what bits of her personality she wants to put into her physical space. What was your favorite part? Thanks for patiently waiting! These deliveries were getting cancelled left and right but AH it’s done, it’s cute and we are in love xx.

    *these are all Amazon affiliate links…
    Pink Faux Fur Rug:
    Her Daybed:
    Mattress for Trundle:
    Drapes with Pom Pops:
    Polaroid Camera:
    Stickers for Accent Wall:

    Painting Her Room:
    Everything else:
    Random small decor, “she designed a life she loved” artwork, faux plants and baskets all from Home Goods.
    Previously owned all frames but DIY spray painted some!

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