Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Music Video]



  • jane doe
    jane doe 8 minutes ago

    Somebody please explain this video to me

  • Joanne Julia
    Joanne Julia 53 minutes ago

    I love ty dollar so much . Both absolutely killed it

  • Tas Laoprapanporn
    Tas Laoprapanporn an hour ago

    Flow Flow

  • Curly Afro
    Curly Afro an hour ago


  • Jan Poala Astrid Tenorio

    Kehlani's voice resembles Camila's. But they both have their own uniqueness. And I am inlove with Ty's GIRLFRIEND!💞💕

  • Casandra Hernandez
    Casandra Hernandez 6 hours ago

    Joanna if you’re reading this I love you

  • Lovatic Sweetener
    Lovatic Sweetener 8 hours ago+1

    omg she looks perfect 😍

  • Miss Shaneice
    Miss Shaneice 8 hours ago

    well that was interesting

  • Jrogel Mejos
    Jrogel Mejos 10 hours ago

    What does the music video mean?

  • Saf Tajik
    Saf Tajik 12 hours ago+1

    Kehlani and Ty Dolla $ign sound amazing...I did a cover of the song and would love your feedback

  • park jimin stan ೃ
    park jimin stan ೃ 13 hours ago+1

    eu amo uma mulher aaa ❤

  • chillwillmiami
    chillwillmiami 13 hours ago+1

    This song is fire!

  • Osheen Sweet
    Osheen Sweet 13 hours ago+1

    My fav💕

  • Lllyn_na Lena
    Lllyn_na Lena 14 hours ago+1

    Why she does not have a subscribers 🤔🤔😐 ? Her voice is beautiful and very hot 😍😍😍😍

  • Ellie&libby X
    Ellie&libby X 15 hours ago+1

    Is it just me or does she kinda sound like camila cabello?😂

  • Cahet Mclendon
    Cahet Mclendon 15 hours ago+1

    This is beautiful I love This💓

  • Android 18
    Android 18 16 hours ago+1

    I'm the best rapper alive.

  • shawn williams
    shawn williams 16 hours ago+1

    Nice song... Her runs is so perdictable

  • Muriel Valenzuela
    Muriel Valenzuela 17 hours ago+2

    Love it ❤

  • anguss17
    anguss17 17 hours ago

    Ty Dolla Flop apesta 🤦 solo vive de colaboraciónes