"The Belly Buster" BBQ Challenge

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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    The BELLY BUSTER!!! One of my favorite BBQ spots happened to have a menu idea called "The Belly Buster". Included are...
    - Texas BBQ Ribs
    - Baby Back Ribs
    - Brisket
    - Pulled Pork
    - Roasted Chicken
    - Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage
    - Baked Beans
    - Coleslaw
    - Cajun Fries
    - Mac & Cheese
    - Cornbread Muffins


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  • Sh0ckmaster
    Sh0ckmaster an hour ago

    Jalapeno cheese sausage sounds amazing. Nothing better than ribs either. Watching this on a diet.

  • Rusho Khan
    Rusho Khan 3 hours ago

    He is gonna blast that bathroom

  • Jonas Martinez
    Jonas Martinez 6 hours ago

    sir we have found the next Kirby very dangerous

  • Lord OfTheUsername
    Lord OfTheUsername 11 hours ago

    He ate slowly and still at it ALL in 47 mins

  • Dicky Sania
    Dicky Sania 11 hours ago

    you american??me indonesian

  • H4Z3RD _1
    H4Z3RD _1 12 hours ago

    Imagine the guy who has to sit by him, watch him eat all the food and not get to have any himself. Sad tale. right?

  • Harry H
    Harry H 23 hours ago

    If you think cornbread is suppose to be dry, you never had good cornbread, or at least not fresh.

  • ArmaXl_Br
    ArmaXl_Br yesterday

    I'm so hungry into thissss

  • johnny paramore
    johnny paramore yesterday

    Cholesterol after cholesterol 😷

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles yesterday

    2 minutes in and I just realized it was a commercial so exit.

  • Be free With me
    Be free With me yesterday+1

    Heart failure has entered the chat.

  • Wil
    Wil yesterday

    This looks easy, I feel like I could even do this. What was the weight Matt?

    HAZOX yesterday

    How can you eat so much and stay so skinny!, and there’s no way you work those pounds off cause I see no signs of working out on your body, what’s his secret!

  • Mohammad Wolloyew

    How come Ur skinny

  • Ala Szafran
    Ala Szafran 2 days ago

    He eats that much of food in many minutes but that much of food would BE for me on 1week i think💙😂😂🙇🙇😑💙

  • Fłex
    Fłex 2 days ago

    Your ass is grass

  • TrufflesTravels
    TrufflesTravels 2 days ago+1

    That'd last me a week lol😂😂gg

  • sam marriott
    sam marriott 2 days ago

    Bro I bet the sausages are so fucking bomb

  • Happy Lisa
    Happy Lisa 2 days ago

    I’ll finish those in 10 minutes

  • kevin rollins
    kevin rollins 3 days ago

    Try eating 500 pussies in 10 mins, I did it in 4.59!