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  • JayzTwoCents
    JayzTwoCents  9 months ago+232

    Forgot to add the links to the old Titan videos... here they are
    Titan Rant - https://www.201tube.com/video/jJfICfX2-_0/video.html Z Rant - https://www.201tube.com/video/VAdSDg8zYYc/video.html X Weird Review - https://www.201tube.com/video/xsCIdqIqbgM/video.html

  • Derek Fagan
    Derek Fagan 2 days ago

    Dude, you CALLED it regarding the 2080 ti except for the tensor core inclusion!

  • Surite
    Surite 15 days ago

    Well I mean in some cases it does perform more than 10x faster than a gtx 1080ti ofc not in gaming only 30% more there unless your talking 4K.

  • Prince da Mythicals
    Prince da Mythicals 29 days ago

    Titan 10 pro or titan 10 home? Pro = 13000$ home = 10000

  • MonstA G
    MonstA G 1 months ago

    F#ck nvida. F#ck amd

  • distortedkid123
    distortedkid123 3 months ago

    Oh so Titan XP and Titan Xp were two complete different GPUs? Good grief...

  • Kyudo Kun
    Kyudo Kun 3 months ago

    Now I see, Jay, you're not really a bias Nvidia fanboy that I used to think. Sorry about that.

  • Alex Ackerman
    Alex Ackerman 3 months ago

    This would be a very good alternative to Quadro and Tesla cards for my work... And the occasional game...

  • morgorth3242
    morgorth3242 3 months ago

    i still want to see a rx 580x2

  • adamsrealm
    adamsrealm 3 months ago

    The answer to the price is tensor cores.

  • TF Stormii
    TF Stormii 4 months ago

    So just get a 1080ti? or wait for 1180ti/ 2080ti?

  • Agremen
    Agremen 4 months ago

    2160 p not real 4k btw :P

  • syndicator
    syndicator 4 months ago

    hay asshole I hope you choke on it..You get it for fucking free and then you show it off and then you say its 3 grand..but you dont care you make stupid fucking youtube videos and get your fucking shit for free..I really hope you choke on it

  • Mitch Yyyy
    Mitch Yyyy 4 months ago

    Why bother when NVIDIA will release a refresh with improvements than a Titan XV like they did with the Pascal Titans.

  • joker89x
    joker89x 4 months ago

    lol as a very heavy VR user and am getting Pimax 8k vr. i bought this card LMFAO. BUT you say 30% increase. sorry dude it never drops a frame even with multi 4 k monitors. i can install every graphics mod known to mankind and use that in VR such as Skyrim VR and maintain framerate all the time no matter how much super sampling i do i cant drop the frames. so for me it was worth the 3 grand. and i am FAR, FARRRRR from rich

  • CodeRed
    CodeRed 4 months ago

    It costs $3000, you retard.

  • Sithtiger
    Sithtiger 5 months ago

    Jay, you need to start raising awareness for everyone out there. Yeah, "Big Tobacco" used to say smoking cigarettes were not harmful to you, yet we all know they can cause lung cancer among other things. Now, Nvidia is saying Titan cards are faster and better and they are, but what they aren't telling you is that Titan users can start cutting themselves....and not just random cutting. They can cause foot cutting! This is serious folks. How many more people are we going let get their feet cut because of Titan card usage? God knows what Volta cards could do. I imagine they could cause full foot amputation. Please say NO to Big Green on Titan cards! I saw a kid, couldn't have been older than 12 playing Overwatch on YouTube and he was using a Titan V and I......*sniff*.....I'm sorry....this is hard.... He was gone for about 30 minutes and you could hear him ranting in the bathroom I think. The parametics and police came and didn't realize the stream was still on and he said, guess he won't be needing these anymore tossing a pair of Nike's over his shoulder. Let this madness STOP people. Is a Titan card really worth losing body parts over? **This PSA was pain for by AMD Vega**

  • Bent Mathiesen
    Bent Mathiesen 5 months ago

    3K is a lot, but not for those who do professional development for deep learning. I'm not a gamer, but did program games in 80-90'tie, but focus have been AI since 80'ties to now. Would have loved a card like this at that time.

  • Bent Mathiesen
    Bent Mathiesen 5 months ago

    4K is great! I'm not a woman and therefore will not judge the look of your face.

  • Gun Majster
    Gun Majster 6 months ago

    nice retro intro. And those days ... when you were still beautiful and young :D