Throwback Fails: When Enough Is Enough!(Feb 2018) | FailArmy

  • Published on:  2/15/2018
  • This Throwback Fails is shocking! We're taking it back for some hilarious fails including a tree getting hit by lightning, a pole dancer eating it and runaway dirt bike. Let us know your favorite's below, or just say 'what's up?'!

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    Guy Crashes Bicycle into Bench
    Guy Tries to Swat Moth with Mop
    Guy Tries to Do Handstand on Chair
    Woman Falls Off Horse Trying to Lead Horse to Water
    Guy Tries to Jump over Barricade
    Man Falls Off ATV
    Kid Rolls After Bumping into Exercise Ball
    Guy Loses Control of Motorbike on Grass
    Boy Blasts off on Swegway
    Guy Can't Land Hang Glider
    Boy Rides Bicycle Into Wooden Fence
    Boys Flips in Off Road Vehicle
    Cat Trips Over Owners Foot
    Dad Accidentally Pushes Daughter into Sand
    Girl Rides Bike Downhill and Crashes
    Kitten Falls Into Water Dish
    Shirtless Guy Crashes into Tree while Hanging on Rope Swing
    Guy Trips Over Trampoline During Basketball Trick
    Car Plows Through Snow Bank
    Bodybuilder Attempts Backflip at Competition
    Guy Accidentally Breaks Hammer while Pounding Pole
    Car Drives up Pole
    Cyclist Hits Guy's Crotch with Bicycle Wheel
    Luxury Car Catches on Fire
    Phone Explodes in Fast Food Restaurant
    Rescuers Save Fishermen on Sinking Boat
    Guy Spills Cocktail
    Girl Loses Balance on Rocks and Falls into Water
    Girl Tries to Grab Giant Flying Saucer
    Guy Falls into Water while Parasailing
    Kid Hits Camera out of Aunt's Hands
    Kid Crashes Into Car
    Kid Learns How to Ride Scooter
    Hedgehog Sits in Croissant Pillow
    Girl Tries to To Tricks with a Wheelchair
    Gymnast Misses Falls Attempting Flip
    Guy Tries to Balance Upside Down in Room
    Dog Steals Baby's Cracker
    Woman Nearly Faceplants While Performing Calisthenics
    Mom Breaks Bed in Attempt to Jump
    Partner Yoga Takes an Unexpected Twist
    Guy Falls While Juggling Soccer Ball
    Dog Stands on Front Legs while Peeing
    Guy on Jet Ski Gets Hit By Fish
    Kid Trips Over Bucket During Football Drills
    Kid Fails to Jump Over Trash Can
    Guy Slips on Mud while Kicking Soccer Ball
    Kid Runs Into Tree With Electric Scooter
    Woman Falls During Pole Fitness Class
    Guy Rides on Back of Motorcycle While Holding Couch
    Strong Lightning Strikes Tree
    Girl Freaks Out by Unexpected Dog Visitor
    Girl Slips While Casting Fishing Rod
    Golden Retriever Interrupts Handstand
    Guy Breaks High Jump
    Hiker Slides Down Hill
    Woman Falls in Lake While Attempting Kayak Hill Slide
    Boy Paints Entire Room
    Car Crashes Into Turning Vehicle
    Guy Falls While Trying to Balance on Bin
    Guy Trips While Racing Dogs on the Beach
    Guy Falls Off While Trying to Start Motorcycle
    Guy on Bike Crashes into Wooden Stake
    Guys Try to Carry Dog House
    Woman Falls Backwards into Fountain