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  • Published on:  10/13/2020
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    Ride’s innovative A6 binding utilises the most up to date design and technology to deliver a high-performance freeride/freestyle inspired aluminium binding. Perfect for riders from strong intermediate through to advanced, it delivers a responsive and dynamic ride that’s unique to this kind of construction. Built around the new advanced A Series baseplate and featuring the Urethane Slimeback highback, this stunning binding not only rips when charging, but it also gives a level of freestyle mobility that you wouldn’t think is possible from a binding as responsive as this.

    Stiffness: 6 Type: All Terrain

    • A Series Aluminium Baseplate • A Series Diecut Base Pad • Canted Footbed • Aluminium Disks
    • Slimeback Highback • Two-Piece Ankle Strap • Minimalist Toes Strap • Linkage Ratchett

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